Know Where You Stand: Build Cyber-Strong Technology

February 26th, 2021

In an ever-changing cyber-threat landscape, organizations must go beyond traditional technology solutions, like antivirus and firewall, to consistently monitor, report, detect, and respond to sophisticated cyberattacks.

Test the strength of existing cybersecurity technology

The following questions allow you to quickly check if your organization is protected by robust cybersecurity technology that can stand up to evolving threats:

  • Does your organization regularly monitor employee passwords to find out if they have been stolen, sold, or published on the Dark Web?

  • Is your organization’s public-facing websites routinely monitored for adware, malware, blacklisting, and other vulnerabilities?

  • Is your company’s network, and devices routinely scanned to find potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities?

  • Does your organization have the ability to actively monitor and immediately respond to cybercriminal activity 24 hours a day?

The same sophisticated cyberattacks that target large enterprise organizations are also targeting small and midsized organizations. Unlike large enterprises, most organizations lack an in-house security team to manage complex cybersecurity tools around the clock - but that doesn’t mean they can’t have enterprise-grade protection.

Tools for cyber-strong technology

Technology layer of Cybersecurity Protection

By consolidating multiple best-of-breed cybersecurity tools into a single platform, Defendify automates critical functions to help organizations manage a 24/7 comprehensive cybersecurity program without complexity. Among the multiple modules within the Defendify platform, the Technology Layer modules include:

  • Stolen Password Scanner: Combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to proactively monitor, identify and analyze your organization’s compromised or stolen employee data. This way, you’ll know if any credentials have been compromised and when to change passwords.

  • Network Vulnerability Scanner: Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Defendify routinely scans your network, systems and devices for vulnerabilities, then provides a detailed report showing what risks were discovered and next steps for remediation.

  • Website Scanner: Remotely scans your website(s), for malicious activity including malware, blacklisting, and hacker behavior. If there is ever an issue, you’ll receive a notification with details so that you can review and take action.

  • Breach Detection & Response: Combines artificial intelligence with cybersecurity experts to actively observe systems for anomalies and respond in real-time to contain attacks. This prevents the spread of an attack while mitigating risks like downtime, loss of intellectual property, theft of data, or forced ransom. Cybercrime requires cyber alarm systems to monitor, alert, and stop digital criminals and malware in their tracks. That’s why 24/7 detection and response is key to a strong cybersecurity posture for every small and midsized business.

Next steps for a stronger cybersecurity program

Ensuring a consistently robust cybersecurity posture does not have to be complicated, expensive, or require a team of in-house security professionals. Check out the resources below to learn how to more easily add strength to your cybersecurity technology:

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