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Defendify is a comprehensive, multi-layered All-In-One Cybersecurity® solution designed for organizations with growing security needs. We combine our award-winning, streamlined All-In-One Cybersecurity® platform, which features 13 cybersecurity tools, with continuous anticipatory guidance and support from our team of industry experts to provide holistic protection.

All-In-One Cybersecurity® saves time and money. Defendify’s award-winning platform combines multiple layers of cybersecurity protection into one pane of glass through one subscription with one vendor and one budget request. As your All-In-One Cybersecurity® partner, Defendify can help you streamline your stack, easily augment your staff, and simplify the management and reporting of your cybersecurity health and hygiene.

Most of the Defendify modules are activated, managed, and delivered through our cybersecurity platform and dashboard. Select Defendify modules require simple installation and/or configuration within your environment and/or systems. For example, our Managed Detection and Response module includes next-generation endpoint agents such as mobile devices, network, perimeter, cloud, and applications. Our dedicated customer success team will work directly with you to provide guidance and support through deployment, setup, and configuration.

Most Defendify modules take only minutes to set up and activate. Depending on the Defendify services you select, full implementation can be achieved within a couple of brief onboarding sessions. Many Defendify administrators can get their systems set up with just a few hours of work. And once the modules are activated, reporting is automated, keeping ongoing management easy.

Customers appreciate how easily Defendify fits in with existing solutions in almost any environment. Many organizations even find they can eliminate some of their existing single-point solutions in favor of an all-in-one solution, freeing up time and budget. Our cybersecurity program advisors can answer any specific questions you have or help identify areas for solution consolidation.

Defendify can provide many of the security tools required to meet cybersecurity compliance. Compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, GDPR, CCPA, NYDFS, state or federal laws, or third-party organizations, may include requirements outside of cybersecurity or what is offered directly through Defendify. In these cases, your Defendify Success Manager can assist in providing guidance, including to other solutions or providers, which may support meeting your compliance goals. We understand the importance and need for compliance. That’s why Defendify’s Cybersecurity Assessments map to the controls of several leading compliance regulations and frameworks so you can quickly identify where you stand and the cybersecurity areas for improvement.

The comprehensive, multi-layered approach Defendify delivers works to protect against known and emerging threats, such as malware, ransomware, vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, phishing and other forms of social engineering, Business Email Compromise, human error, insider threats, account takeovers, credential stuffing, and more.

Defendify helps with ransomware prevention from a number of different angles, including training your employees to recognize and respond to phishing attempts, managing vulnerabilities that cyber attackers could leverage to deliver malicious payloads, and advanced threat detection, response and containment. Check out this webinar, where we dive deeper into this key cybersecurity topic. Ransomware is also a covered cyber event for our All-In-One Cybersecurity® customers with the Defendify Cybersecurity Service Warranty

While we aim to protect and help prevent business interruption and financial loss proactively, we also acknowledge cyber events can happen to even the most well-protected organizations in the world. The modules within our Detection & Response layer are designed to help in this situation. With the Managed Detection & Response module, our advanced monitoring technology looks for anomalous activity, and our team of experts works around the clock to identify and stop emerging threats. In addition, our All-In-One Cybersecurity® solution also includes up to $1 million in financial assistance with the Defendify Cybersecurity Service Warranty in the case of a qualifying cyber event.

Even with comprehensive, multi-layered protection, cybersecurity incidents are still possible. No cybersecurity leader, vendor, or partner should ever promise that a cyber event won’t happen. Defendify assists by preparing your organization with upfront protection and post-incident response techniques.

A cyber insurance policy is meant to help cover financial losses and restore normal business practices in the event of a cyber incident. In the same way auto insurance will not prevent you from having an accident, cyber insurance won’t prevent attacks from happening. While insurance is very important to have, it’s a reactive solution to a problem that’s already occurred. That’s why it’s so important to mitigate cyber risk with ongoing, proactive cybersecurity protection across multiple layers.

If you use technology—and just about everyone does—then you are at some level of risk. Cybercriminals benefit from stealing and selling sensitive data, which we’ve all got, and the data come in various forms: customer information, employee records, financial and banking information, legal documents, intellectual property, designs and codes, login credentials, and more.

Between software vulnerabilities and phishing emails, you’re likely already being targeted. Have your employees received emails purporting to be from a senior executive of your company asking if they’re available for a favor or to send their cell phone number? These are the seeds being planted for a larger attack, such as Business Email Compromise or gift card fraud. 

Employee cybersecurity awareness training is a critical step in protecting every organization. An overwhelming majority of successful cyberattacks include human error or social engineering. That’s why best practices include developing an employee training framework to develop awareness and mitigate that risk. We know how critical it is to make everyone a cyber defender, so much so that we devoted an entire layer of modules in Defendify geared towards building the “human firewall.” We’ve also created webinars and blogs with tips to help your security awareness program be successful.

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses with the potential to be leveraged or exploited to gain unauthorized access. Vulnerabilities can exist in your network, your devices, and even your people or processes. Defendify has numerous tools to assist in identifying vulnerabilities in your organization. Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Tool can help you identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in your cyber posture. Run our Vulnerability Scanner against your IT systems to identify any public-facing vulnerabilities. The Compromised Password Scanner automates scanning of the dark web for stolen passwords. A customer favorite, our curated Threat Alerts emails twice a week enable you to stay up-to-date on vulnerabilities and other risks in the changing cyber landscape without flooding your inbox. For end-to-end, 24/7 protection and risk mitigation, you can opt into our best-in-class Managed Detection and Response program.

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