Cybersecurity made easier

Designed to meet your growing security needs, Defendify offers multiple layers of cybersecurity in a single platform, supported by consultative, expert guidance, ongoing.

Organizations protected
Countries worldwide
Industry awards

Cyber risk, mitigated

Comprehensive, proactive protection

All-In-One Cybersecurity® continuously protects across people, process, and technology

Fast and flexible solutions

Automated and scalable solutions evolve with both you and the ever-changing threat landscape

Expert guidance and support

Ongoing, human-powered insights and recommendations guide your cybersecurity efforts forward

The All-In-One Cybersecurity® Solution

Watch the video to learn why and how Defendify makes cybersecurity easier.


Enterprises have large teams, deep tech stacks and big budgets.


The rest run on all-in-one solutions for key business functions like HR, finance, sales and marketing


But what about cyber security?


Meet Defendify – the first-in-kind, award-winning, all-in-one cyber security solution.


Cyber attackers today leave no stone unturned.


They target every kind of organization regardless of size, industry or location.


Cyber security requirements just keep piling up making cyber security important, not just for you, but everyone you work with.


Cyber security is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have for every organization but it’s complicated, expensive and designed with the enterprise in mind


forcing you to piece together single-point solutions that are difficult to manage and budget for, often leaving you overwhelmed and under-protected.


Defendify powers your cyber security, allowing you to detect and defend against vulnerabilities, attacks and exploits.


Train everyone on your team to be a cyber defender. Establish ongoing cyber security operations, monitoring and action planning.


Faster. Smarter. Stronger.


One simple cyber security subscription.


One award-winning cyber security solution: automated, ongoing, flexible, scalable and supported


See how Defendify helps reduce risk and realize robust cyber security for thousands of organizations worldwide

Layered Solutions

Evaluate and continuously improve cybersecurity hygiene and health.

Maximize cybersecurity protection with multiple layers of security in one platform, backed by ongoing support and expert guidance.

Promote cybersecurity awareness through ongoing phishing simulations, training and education, and reinforced security policies.

Uncover vulnerabilities through ongoing assessments, testing, and scanning across networks, endpoints, mobile and web applications, and the dark web.

Employ a security-first mindset to strengthen your team, infrastructure, and overall cyber posture.

Our team of cybersecurity experts gives you the support you need—solutions, quick responses, cybersecurity guidance, and more.

An ongoing model of continuous improvement and action planning takes your cyber posture from reactive to proactive.

13 modules supported by automation address key cybersecurity elements, including assessments, testing, policies, training, detection, and response.

Get ahead and stay ahead

Alerts & Notifications

Identify and prioritize security needs quickly with regular updates on key status details and threat-related activity.

Reports & Recommendations

Minimize manual efforts and maximize visibility through automated, ongoing, and easy-to-read reports and recommendations.

Insights & Expertise

Stay in-the-know with relevant, emerging industry and threat information and expert guidance and support you can rely on.

Resources and insights

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Mark Sunday Webinar
Cybersecurity Technology •
Cybersecurity Awareness •
A Conversation with Mark Sunday: Common Cybersecurity Challenges of a CIO
Defendify’s Rob Simopoulos will sit down for a compelling conversation with Mark Sunday to discuss his experiences and explore the common cybersecurity challenges a CIO encounters.

Tried and trusted

Defendify has exceeded all expectations as a platform and, even more importantly, as a partner... you could not ask for a better group of people.

VP of Technology Strategy

Information Technology and Services

We wanted a platform that could provide continuous assessment, awareness training, dark web and vulnerability scanning, policy creation, incident response planning and other elements that go into a mature cybersecurity program.

VP of Technology Strategy

Information Technology and Services

The Defendify platform is a very cost-effective way to quickly implement an industry-standard security program to any small- to medium-sized organization.

Chief Operating Officer

Software or Technology

The modules are what initially drew us to Defendify; however, for me, it's been the staff and customer service.

Chief Security Officer

Information Technology and Services

Using the Defendify platform helps us keep our security practices front and center as we carry out our organization activities.

Chief Operating Officer

Software or Technology

Team up with Defendify and get back to doing what's necessary to keep your organization profitable and your customers happy.

Technology Integration and Development Specialist

Systems Integrator

It's been an eye-opener for us to see the reports. With Defendify, we've gone from one step behind to one step ahead, quickly and with an ROI that makes sense.

Internal Consultant


I like that the team listened to our needs and tailored a plan to suit. They weren't pushy and they understood and got something done quickly, and on budget.



Defendify educated us on the importance of a multidimensional approach and is well positioned to assist our needs with a simple, streamlined platform.


Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

I like that the platform is professional looking, the reports are easy to use, and in my honest opinion, provide more insight than more costly vendors.


Computer & Network Security

Defendify provides a one stop shop for cybersecurity. The dashboards and user interface are clean, clear, and easy to use.


Computer & Network Security

It was immediately clear how improving our cybersecurity posture drives internal best practices, protects valuable resources, and creates competitive advantage.


Mechanical/Industrial Engineering