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A single organization leader has been specified and owns the responsibility and accountability for cybersecurity in your organization.*
Your organization conducts regular cybersecurity checkups and receives recommendations on improving its cybersecurity posture.*
There are written rules on how your employees are expected to use company technology devices and data.*
There is a written plan of action should your company experience a breach or cybersecurity incident.*
At least once per year, you hire a "good" hacker to break into your systems and report on potential weaknesses to address.*
You receive ongoing alerts about new cybersecurity threats, topics, and trends that may impact your organization.*
Your employees are regularly tested to see if they might click on bad links or open unknown files in suspicious emails.*
Your employees receive ongoing, regular awareness training on cybersecurity safety, topics, and best practices.*
There are cybersecurity safety notices and posters displayed in your facility or shared electronically.*
You regularly monitor employee credentials to find out if they have been stolen, sold, or published on the Dark Web.*
Your public facing websites are routinely monitored for adware, malware, blacklisting and other vulnerabilities.*
Your company network and devices are routinely scanned to find potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities.*
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