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Is Cyber Insurance Worth the Cost?
The uptick in cyber threats has organizations asking, "is cyber insurance worth the cost?" The quick answer — yes!


Why You Could Be Denied Cyberattack Insurance Coverage
As you’re working toward achieving robust cybersecurity, the subject of cyber attack insurance coverage is sure to enter the discussion. Maybe you’ve already delved into this topic, as cyber insurance has become an essential cornerstone of every information security program. Many overriding factors will affect your ability to obtain and retain the coverage you need at a reasonable rate—and a successful approach is tied closely to a comprehensive cybersecurity posture.


How Does Cyber Insurance Work and Where to Start?
With cyberattacks on the rise, organizations are at greater risk of ransomware attacks. Cybercrime damages are predicted to reach $6 trillion worldwide this year. These costs include the damage and destruction of data, operational downtime, lost productivity, intellectual property theft, recovery of data and systems, and potential legal repercussions. Many organizations are looking to purchase cyber insurance to help mitigate the risks of ransomware but are asking how it works and where to start the process?


Cost of a Cyberattack vs. Cybersecurity Investment 
Detailing the cost of a cyberattack versus the ROI of a cybersecurity investment enables leadership to see cybersecurity solutions are worth it.


Defendify Listed as a High Performer in Six G2 Grid Categories
The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform has been listed as a High Performer in six Summer 2022 Data Security Software Category Reports on the technology review site G2.


Explaining the Risk of a Cyberattack in Their Language
Rather than reverting to technical jargon when explaining the risk of a cyberattack, talk in plain terms. Focus on risks, opportunities, and strategic implications.


Defendify Earns 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award
Defendify is one of 100 global software and application companies selected for the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards for the 2nd consecutive year.


Translating Cybersecurity Assessments for Non-IT Leadership
IT leaders need to translate cybersecurity technicalities into value and the business risk they know exists – and the first step is a cybersecurity assessment.


Defendify Wins 2022 InfoSec Award |Cutting Edge SMB Cybersecurity
The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform was named "Cutting Edge SMB Cybersecurity" in the 2022 Global InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine.

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