Implementing an Employee Security Awareness Program

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Learn from a Security Information Officer how to train employees on ways to spot social engineering tactics that are used by cybercriminals.

Social engineering attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication, but the good news is that the best protection against them is sitting in your office or is a Zoom call away. Employees trained to make the right decisions when they encounter a social engineering attempt or come across an insider threat can be an organization’s best line of defense.

In this webinar, Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer at Lone Star Communications discusses how to implement a security awareness program with your employees successfully.

In this presentation you will learn:
  • The challenges of building and implementing a security awareness program.
  • How to obtain employee buy-in across your organization.
  • The successes of creating an ongoing awareness program.
Expert Presenters
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Brian Banks

Internal Security Officer, Lone Star Communications

Shanna Utgard

Former Sr. Cybersecurity Advocate, Defendify

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Social Engineering Awareness Training for Employees: The Framework
We believe that your team can be your strongest line of defense in preventing cyberattacks, provided they receive proper social engineering awareness training. Consistent training, combined with straightforward policies,  and a culture of cybersecurity will enable your employees to be able to identify a threat and make the right decisions should they encounter a social engineering attempt. 
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