Website Scanner

Automated website scanning to monitor website issues, vulnerabilities, and risk


The Defendify Website Scanner automatically searches and monitors your business website for malicious activity, including blacklisting, hacking, security warnings and more, then produces a report that prioritizes potential risk factors for immediate remediation.

  • What is a website scanner?

    A website scanner is a tool that can be deployed to scan your website domain(s) for a variety of potential security gaps including:

    • Compromised hosting and IP information
    • Spam and injected malware
    • Outdated software or vulnerable plugins and extensions
    • Internal server errors
    • Blacklist status on Google, PhishTank, etc.
    • Certificate issues

    A website scanner is not the same as a network vulnerability scanner. A website scanner is a good fit for most general-use marketing websites, whereas a vulnerability scanner is better suited to web applications and such.

  • Who is a website scanner for?

    Website scanners are typically easily deployed with a few quick clicks and any business with a website should be using one. The report a website scanner produces may require a technical set of eyes. We recommend having your website administrator on-hand to review scan reports and talk you through the results.

  • Why is a website scanner important?

    Your website is your public presence on the world wide web. Any performance issues, defacement, or configuration issues can lead to a variety of problems including public distrust, brand reputation degradation, and potential loss of revenue.

Cyberattacks impact brand and the digital face of your business

Cyber attacks impact brand and the digital face of your business

Your website is your company’s public face and is where cybercriminals often check for weak entry points. Marketing websites and website content management systems are often not well-protected, leaving them open to exploit. The last thing you want is for a customer, partner, or prospect to encounter your website in a compromised state, with embedded malicious files or content, unauthorized access to other company systems, or even links to another website that isn't your own.

Scan your website frequently for exploits and security gaps

Scan your website frequently for exploits and security gaps

Running regular website scans will not only help you know what vulnerabilities are present, but also what areas need the most attention to mitigate the risk of a compromise quickly. Cybercriminals are known to build bots that automatically search the internet for websites with weaker security measures. That's why it is important to do the same: run your own automated website scanner at least monthly, or as soon as you detect suspicious activity in your website’s performance.

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