Breach Detection & Response

Discover and contain cyberattacks 24/7 while improving overall cyber-strength


The Defendify Breach Detection & Response approach couples artificial intelligence that consistently monitors device endpoints, systems, cloud applications, and networks for malicious activity with a dedicated security team actively seeking out and containing cyber threats around the clock.

Breach Detection & Response is always-on, working 24/7 to watch activity closely, analyze data and trends, identify anomalies, and counteract developing cyberattacks in real time. Additionally, administrators receive regular reports detailing their current cybersecurity hygiene, any suspicious behavior or vulnerabilities found, and recommendations for improvement. A cybersecurity expert routinely reviews these reports and offers guidance on how to strengthen overall cybersecurity posture.

  • What is breach detection & response?

    Breach detection & response is a 24/7 monitoring and alarm system that utilizes artificial intelligence technology and cybersecurity professionals to search and identify data security anomalies and respond in real-time to contain attacks. These cybersecurity experts provide key stakeholders with regular reports detailing the state of their cyber hygiene as well as immediate alerts of any suspicious behavior or vulnerabilities found, plus recommendations for improvement.

  • Who is breach detection & response for?

    No business is off-limits to cybercriminals or state actors. Breach detection & response is a crucial part of every business cybersecurity posture. With a strong breach detection & response solution, businesses of any type can immediately identify potential threats to their network, systems, and devices, and quickly stop the attack.

  • Why is breach detection & response important?

    The best way to avoid the losses that come from a data security breach is to detect attacks rapidly and prevent them from spreading. Intelligent breach detection & response solutions have evolved to provide organizations without internal security teams with 24/7 monitoring and incident response, without needing a stack of complex software or hiring highly skilled cybersecurity experts.

  • How does Defendify Breach Detection & Response compare?

    Defendify's Breach Detection & Response approach combines both the technology and expertise typically found in the following advanced data security solutions:


    Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) focuses solely on the endpoint, neglecting cloud applications, network activity, and perimeter security. It obtains and analyzes security threat data from computer workstations and other endpoints.

    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) collects data from different sources. Think of this as the technology piece that gathers all the information, sorts through it, and produces alerts. Its core capabilities are a broad scope of log event collection and management and the ability to analyze events across multiple sources and operations.


    Security Operations Center (SOC) is the facility and team that reviews the alerts or network activity that might be suspicious. Generally, their job is to supervise the site or network and provide recommendations to IT for response and remediation.

    Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services offer network, host, and endpoint-based cybersecurity with varying response levels. They may provide an alert or recommendations for remediation only and might not contain the breach or act on your organization’s behalf.

    The Defendify Breach Detection & Response approach provides 24/7 complete monitoring and detection of malicious activity across all endpoints, cloud applications, networks and perimeter devices, without requiring additional hardware or special skillsets to manage.

Enterprise-style protection for non-enterprise sized organizations

Enterprise-style cyber protection for non-enterprise sized organizations

Small and midsized businesses often don’t have the time, capacity, or budgets to employ extensive security operations centers (SOC) like enterprise level businesses do, leaving them more vulnerable to cyber attacks and less likely to be able to meet emerging government, industry, or customer cybersecurity compliance requirements. Defendify helps address the need by delivering advanced, ongoing, automated breach detection and response with expert-led reporting, recommendations, and guidance.

Today's cyberattacks require cyber alarm systems

Today's cyberattacks require cyber alarm systems

Cybercriminals don't just rely on viruses and malware; they actively enter networks and systems to seek data, intellectual property, and other sensitive information. Cybercriminals also look at other key connections such as your bank, customers, or partners - all of which can lead to an attack that results in the theft of data or even being held for ransom. The longer a cyber attack goes unnoticed, the higher the degree of damage that may occur, such as downtime, financial loss, and brand reputation impact. Proactive cyber breach detection and response is like a cybersecurity alarm system with 24/7 monitoring and response, working tirelessly to stop cybercrime in its tracks.

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