Stolen Password Scanner

Find compromised employee passwords and prevent account takeover

Defendify's Stolen Password Scanner automatically searches the Dark Web for employee email addresses then reports any compromised passwords associated with them. Getting early warnings about password theft will not only alert administrators and employees to change their passwords before criminals get to use them, but will allow you to more quickly identify potential breaches then take immediate precautions.

Password theft is the single biggest cause of hacking-related breaches

Password theft is the single biggest cause of hacking-related breaches

Cybercriminals employ a variety of methods to crack passwords to then sell, trade, and share on the Dark Web. Cyberattackers can also attempt to use stolen credentials themselves for account takeover (ATO), aiming to gain access to user accounts without permission. Regularly scanning for stolen passwords in the Dark Web is a critical defensive strategy to ensure your company more rapidly becomes aware and can proactively protect your network against the malicious use of compromised data.

Regularly check if employee data has been leaked on the Dark Web

To avoid the high potential damage a data breach can cause your company, it’s important to regularly scan the Dark Web for stolen passwords. Every month a new report is generated in Defendify showing the results of the Stolen Password Scanner including employee email, clear text or hashed passwords, and the related data breach source.

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