Infogion lists Defendify as Best Risk Assessment Tool

Editors at the online technology news site, Infogion lists Defendify as one of six "Best Risk Assessment Tools." Infogion notes that a strong cybersecurity program is required to use devices and innovations that allow companies to explore the virtual world without being hacked. They've identified Defendify as an expert agency that provides a risk assessment tool that helps a company know its security positions concerning cybersecurity guidelines and frameworks.


Cybersecurity Health Checkup

The risk assessment tool Infogion is referencing is Defendify's effective Cybersecurity Health Checkup, which asks simple questions to gauge your cybersecurity level and then releases a detailed report of your security state. It lets you know what weakens your security and means of mitigating against them. The assessment is based on Defendify's layered, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity protection that includes assessments and testing, policies and training, and detection and response

Defendify works as an around-the-clock compliance and security officer, not like a do-it-once security project. - Infogion

Be Cyber-Smart

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Defendify will be challenging organizations to do their part to be cyber smart. The challenge starts with taking the noteworthy Cybersecurity Health Checkup. The first step to boost cyber-smarts is to assess the current state of your cybersecurity - establishing a benchmark of data security strengths and weaknesses across people, processes and technology. 

Up for the Cyber Food for Thought Awareness Challenge?

About Infogion

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