Assessments & Testing

Identify critical data security weaknesses and get ongoing recommendations for improvement based on leading cybersecurity frameworks.


Cybersecurity Health Checkup

How likely is an organization to fall victim to a cyber attack? Where are strengths and weaknesses? Is there more that can be done to prevent incidents from occurring? The Defendify Cybersecurity Health Checkup provides the insights needed, through simple questions designed to develop an assessment and inventory of an organization’s data, storage, systems, physical security controls, policies, and procedures. Defendify provides a detailed report with recommendations for improvement and grading in key areas to help an organization understand and improve its cybersecurity posture.


Ethical Hacking

Defendify’s ethical hackers test network, system, and IT infrastructure boundaries by mimicking penetration and exploiting approaches taken by bad actors, then report back findings and recommendations that can be prioritized and remediated. Defendify attempts to gain access and exploit security holes through measured hacking activities and manual technology infiltration. These exercises are critical in proactively uncovering weaknesses and threats while verifying and determining the extent of known vulnerabilities.

Provide the IP addresses needed for testing, and Defendify does the rest. Each penetration testing process is extensive, leveraging human intelligence and state-of-the art technology tools. Tests typically take up to several weeks to plan, schedule, implement, and deliver reports, detailing findings and recommendations.


Stolen Password Scanner

The Dark Web is an online underground, most often accessed by special browsers, where stolen data is sold and traded by cybercriminals. If a person’s credentials have been compromised in a breach or other cyber-incident and are available to be sold, traded, or downloaded, this could pose a serious threat to an organization’s security. Defendify’s Stolen Password Scanning probes the depths of the Dark Web, identifies accounts and credentials that have been compromised, and reports the results back.

Defendify continuously searches the Dark Web for an organization’s email addresses and generates a monthly summary report of findings and recommendations.


Network Vulnerability Scanner

An organization’s network can be the lifeline of the organization, and cybercriminals work hard to exploit weaknesses to gain unauthorized access. Defendify’s industry leading vulnerability scanner leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contextual prioritization to scan networks and systems for vulnerabilities, then provides a detailed report identifying what risks to consider and where critical holes are—or are likely to develop.

Provide the internal and external IP addresses to scan, and Defendify will see scanning through, with reports delivered monthly, detailing findings and recommendations.


Website Scanning

IT teams may be managing an organization’s public facing websites, but they may not be actively scanning them for malicious activity, defacement, spam, and blacklisting. Defendify automates this process, continuously looking for issues on enrolled website domains, surfacing any vulnerabilities for review and remediation.

Once activated, reports are automatically generated every month for all enrolled website domains. Reports can also be generated in real time directly from the module in Defendify.

Enrique Torres-Baiz | President @ Computer Technology Management Systems

Why Defendify?

"With all the headlines and issues [we saw,] we wanted to make sure that we had the technology to prevent [cyberattacks] and keep our clients secure."

Enrique Torres-Baiz | President @ Computer Technology Management Systems

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