Creating a Cybersecurity Culture Framework

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A strong company culture means your core philosophies and values are instilled throughout leadership, management and employees. With organizations increasingly reliant on technology, having a targeted and well-executed cybersecurity culture framework is now an important part of creating and nurturing that process.

An effective cybersecurity culture framework is an ever-evolving process that builds a general understanding of cybersecurity and cyber threats. The best way to prevent a cyberattack is knowing how to recognize a threat, as well as what actions to take once one is identified. Cyberattacks are continuously evolving and becoming more sophisticated and, as such, companies need to keep awareness training updated regularly instead of viewing it as a one-time project.

Know Where Your Cybersecurity Culture Stands

How do you know your organization’s baseline when it comes to their cybersecurity smarts? By asking four key questions from our free cybersecurity assessment, you can identify the strengths and potential weaknesses of the cybersecurity culture in your organization:

  • Do you receive ongoing alerts about new cybersecurity threats, topics and trends that may impact your organization and incorporate these into your policies and training?

  • Are your employees regularly tested with phishing simulations to see if they might click on bad links or unknowingly open files in suspicious emails?

  • Do your employees receive ongoing, regular awareness policies and training on cybersecurity safety, topics and best practices?

  • Are cybersecurity safety notices and awareness graphics displayed in your facility or shared electronically?

At Defendify, our analytics show that nearly 70% of new users who run their first cybersecurity assessment score a failing grade.

Your business may be flourishing, but one cyberattack can create a loss in revenue, resources, productivity and business continuity. This scenario can be avoided with robust cybersecurity practices indoctrinated into the company’s values and processes.

Tools to Build Your Cybersecurity Culture

The Defendify All-In-One solution provides multiple tools that keep everyone in your organization informed and vigilant against the latest cyber threats:

Threat Alerts: Receive email alerts and notifications about new cyber incidents, attacks and more that could impact your organization. The more informed you are, the better position you will be in.

Phishing Simulations: Get to your employees before the bad guys do! With Defendify, automatically send unannounced phishing emails to your employees and, if they take the bait, they will educate immediately at the point of failure with a quick awareness video and quiz. Spot-testing your team is a great way to reinforce best practices while allowing you to track and report on user engagement.

Awareness Videos: Employees can easily forget one-time awareness training. Frequent reminders and fresh content keep employees on their toes. Defendify delivers topical cybersecurity videos and newsletters, communicating relevant topics in fun and engaging ways.

Awareness Graphics: Creative and engaging graphics, posters and quick tips reinforce cybersecurity awareness around essential terms and topics. Defendify provides a library of graphics for download to display at your facilities.

Awareness Training: Engage your team of cyber-defenders through classroom-style online education. Defendify’s web-based awareness training presents timely topics, trends, threats, tips and best practices using straight talk, not tech jargon.

Quick tip: Build a culture of privacy at work by teaching all employees data privacy. Offer a training or quiz for employees and consider giving away prizes.

More on Cybersecurity Awareness

Take a quick and free cybersecurity assessment today to find out where you stand with cybersecurity. Understanding your cybersecurity health will help you build your cybersecurity culture framework.

We also encourage you to become a champion of Data Privacy Week alongside Defendify. Held annually in January and presented by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, the organization sponsors numerous tools, including guides, awareness graphics and videos that can assist with your efforts to establish a strong cybersecurity culture in your organization. #DataPrivacyWeek

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