Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

Understand your cybersecurity health and strengthen your cybersecurity posture


The Defendify Cybersecurity Assessment Tool enables you to assess the current state of your cybersecurity posture. Using easy-to-understand questions that map to common cybersecurity frameworks, Defendify generates an intuitive assessment report for your review. Each assessment report provides:

  • A simple cybersecurity health grade
  • Guidance to understand current security risk
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Mapping to key cybersecurity frameworks and controls (e.g. NIST 800-171NIST 800-53CIS 20GDPR, and HIPAA)

Your cybersecurity health grade is a useful tool not only to assess the status of your overall cybersecurity posture, but also to use as an indication that you can rapidly meet future customer and third-party risk assessments.

  • What is a cybersecurity assessment?

    A cybersecurity assessment is a survey and questionnaire that reviews your company’s cybersecurity posture and readiness in several ways. The assessment covers topics such as:

    • policies
    • plans
    • procedures
    • testing
    • training
    • technology

    Once completed, the cybersecurity assessment results provide a detailed report of data security strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for remediation.

    If an organization has compliance needs, it might use the assessment to see how it stands against a specific cybersecurity framework, such as NIST 800-171 or NIST-CSF NIST 800-51, for example. These frameworks and recent laws set the standards and guidelines as to what should be in place for an organization to help protect against and respond to a cyber incident.

  • Who is a cybersecurity assessment for?

    A cybersecurity assessment is for organizations of any size looking to understand the strength of their current cybersecurity program and where to make improvements. For example, organizations in industries with compliance needs, such as Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing, perform regular cybersecurity assessments to meet requirements or to prepare for an audit—often required by regulatory bodies and/or companies they do business with who are doing their own third-party vendor risk assessments.

  • Why is a cybersecurity assessment important?

    As cyberattacks evolve in sophistication, it is important to understand that your cybersecurity program is keeping pace. Ongoing cybersecurity assessments allow organizations to prepare proactively for emerging cyber threats, while also staying compliant with industry, governmental and third party security requirements.

Measure compliance, identify risk, establish trust

Measure compliance, identify risk, establish trust

Cybersecurity is a process that begins with understanding the risks of your systems and employee behavior, as well as processes for handling risk. Defendify's Cybersecurity Assessment Tool is a holistic way to identify where your organization has gaps and prioritize what to do next. A high score on Defendify's Cybersecurity Assessment can help demonstrate your business has a strong cybersecurity posture to meet existing and future customer, industry, and government security assessments.

When you should perform a cybersecurity assessment

When you should perform a cybersecurity assessment

Completing a cybersecurity assessment is often the first step toward improving your company's cybersecurity posture. By assessing your cybersecurity health regularly, and after any significant change to your network and systems, you will be far more prepared to handle new threats and positioned for compliance to external security mandates.

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