Layered Cybersecurity: A Comprehensive Guide for Effective Defense

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Building or maturing an effective security program can be challenging when resources are limited and threats appear to be everywhere.

  • Where do you start?
  • What activities should be prioritized?
  • How do you explain to management why specific activities are recommended?
  • How do we maximize the effectiveness of our security spend?

This guide provides key steps to build and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity program to help your organization defend against and prevent cyberattacks.

Inside the Guide:
  • We explain a commonsense approach to assessing your current cybersecurity posture and capturing evidence to guide next steps based on your organization’s needs, resources, and risk profile.
  • Understand which activities are best to identify and remediate the most likely weaknesses targeted by attackers.
  • Explore the essential aspects of a comprehensive cybersecurity program, including: detection and response, assessments, scanning, testing, policies, awareness, and training.
  • Learn how a layered approach allows organizations to mature their cybersecurity programs over time and reduce exposure to threats.

Resources & insights

QuickStart Guide to Preventing Cyberattacks
The QuickStart Guide to Preventing Cyberattacks is designed to assist organizations with growing security teams with cybersecurity fundamentals. It provides key steps to build and maintain a comprehensive cybersecurity program to help your organization prevent cyberattacks.
The Emotions of Social Engineering Attack_Cover
The Emotions of a Social Engineering Attack
Cyber attackers work hard to exploit natural emotions such as fear, curiosity, helpfulness, greed, urgency, and more.

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