Strong Cybersecurity at Your Fingertips

When it comes to technology integrators and cybersecurity, there are two areas of risk. First, there is the risk that a cyberattack could compromise their businesses and that an integrator’s service team could implement a vulnerable solution in a client environment that creates a point of exposure. Neither of these scenarios is ideal for an integrator trusted to implement various technological systems throughout their clients’ organizations.

As a dependable technology provider, having strong cybersecurity should be top of mind as cyber threats become increasingly more persistent and sophisticated. Case in point, the State of Cloud Security 2020 report by Sophos noted that large breaches involving the cloud are becoming commonplace. In 2020, 70 percent of IT professionals reported their cloud infrastructures experiencing a breach in the year prior. Additionally, the report reveals that most cloud computing security incidents have one of two root causes. They are either the result of stolen or phished credentials or misconfigurations that have led to the breach. Both instances are preventable by instilling a cyber-smart culture and cyber-hardening systems.

For your clients to trust that your services can reduce their security risks through cyber-hardening, you must first protect your own house from cyber threats. To do so, you need a cybersecurity program that is easy to manage and works just as hard as you do. While building out a comprehensive, robust cybersecurity program can sound daunting, it doesn’t have to be. Protecting data across your organization does not mean you need to build your complex security technology stack or hire an internal security expert team to manage it 24/7. It just means you need an easy-to-manage solution in place with an automated stack of technology that is as sophisticated as modern cyber threats.

Activate and assess

The first and one of the most important steps of developing a comprehensive cybersecurity program is assessing the current vulnerabilities within your network. It gives you visibility of the risks to consider and where security gaps are within your organization. To do so, scan your network for security vulnerabilities internally and externally. Once a report is generated, these results can be used to remediate any findings- beginning with the critical ones, then working to medium and low. By eliminating potential attack vectors and condensing the system’s attack surface, you reduce your security risk.

Defendify makes this process efficient and automated with the Network Vulnerability Scanner. Once activated, the module runs autonomously while leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, contextual prioritization, and advanced logic to maximize reach through the network and regularly report on any remediation issues. This vulnerability scanner is only one Defendify tools that allow integrators to have strong cybersecurity at their fingertips. Four other tools will enable you to thoroughly assess and test the current health of your internal cybersecurity: Cybersecurity Health Checkup, Ethical Hacking, Stolen Password Scanning, Website Scanning 

Have a cyber-smart culture

Once you remediate the vulnerabilities and risks by cyber-hardening your network, it’s time to instill a cyber-smart culture throughout your organization. As technology integrators, you are likely to see your clients experience a breach caused by human error. Their system and network can be cyber-strong, but one click on a suspicious email can lead to a breach. Your team may not fall for the apparent phishing email, but social attacks are becoming so sophisticated that even the tech-savvy can fall victim to it. How do you combat this growing sophistication of attacks? Through policies and training that help keep everyone in your organization informed and vigilant against cyber threats.

Creating policies and a training program is another task that can seem overwhelming, but it’s part of that all-in-one solution. The Defendify platform includes phishing simulations, interactive awareness training videos, awareness posters, classroom training, and even technology and data use policy to communicate expectations to employees and align security objectives with your legal and compliance goals.

Technology that works seamlessly for you

Cybercriminals and their tactics are continuing to become more sophisticated, so you need a cybersecurity program that is just as advanced to stay ahead of advanced threats. You need technology that will continuously monitor, detect, and respond to active cyber threats while not depleting your team’s resources. Detection and Response is a powerful layer of protection that is included in the all-in-one solution. Within it are the advanced tools of BDR, threats alerts, and an incident response plan builder. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, having an incident response plan and testing can dramatically reduce remediation costs associated with a data breach. The report claims that companies with an incident response plan that tested it at least twice experienced $1.23 million less in data breach costs on average than those that had neither in place.

Not only are you protecting your organization by having a robust cybersecurity program, but you are also building trust with your current and potential clientele. With the coronavirus crisis creating new opportunities for cybercriminals, 70 percent of organizations are seeing the value of increasing their investments in cybersecurity solutions. By deploying the automated tools within the Defendify platform, your team can have the best of both worlds- robust cybersecurity at your fingertips and the resources to dedicate more time to what matters to your business, your clients.

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