Breach Detection & Response added to Defendify's all-in-one cybersecurity platform

Breach Detection & Response from Defendify
Breach Detection & Response from Defendify

Introducing Defendify’s 13th module, a 24/7 cyber alarm system to proactively detect, protect, and contain the sophisticated attacks now targeting small and midsized businesses

Defendify, the all-in-one, award-winning cybersecurity platform, announced the addition of its Breach Detection & Response module. Defendify enables non-enterprise organizations to easily deploy a comprehensive, ongoing cybersecurity program through 13 automated tools backed by cybersecurity experts who monitor and guide customers in improving their overall cybersecurity posture.

Cyberattacks, such as ransomware and advanced persistent threats, are constantly evolving and often cannot be prevented with traditional tools such as antivirus and firewalls. Unnoticed and uncontained, these cyberattacks can lead to operational downtime, loss of intellectual property, theft of data, damage to brand and reputation, and financial loss. The best way to avoid the devastating impact of an attack or data security breach is to continuously monitor and quickly respond to prevent these attacks from spreading rapidly.

Today’s cybercrime requires cyber alarm systems to detect, alert, and stop digital criminals in their tracks, making 24/7 detection and response key to a strong cybersecurity posture for every non-enterprise organization. Defendify’s Breach Detection & Response module uses artificial intelligence to consistently monitor all devices, systems, networks, and email accounts for malicious activity, while a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts seek out suspicious activity and immediately contain identified threats.

“Every business has dramatically changed this year, making security more top of mind than ever before,” said Rob Simopoulos, Co-Founder of Defendify. “In most cases, small and midsized organizations do not have the resources, technology, or bandwidth to detect and eliminate the evolving cyber threats targeting them. Breach Detection & Response changes that dramatically, allowing nimble IT teams to up their game with an affordable, always-on cybersecurity operations center.”

Small and midsized businesses deploy Defendify’s Breach Detection & Response to help fill costly security gaps within people, processes, and technology, including:

  • Gaining continuous, 24/7 data security monitoring and threat hunting
  • Having deeper visibility into detected cyber threats (such as ransomware)
  • Proactively stopping human-led cyberattacks and quickly reducing further risk
  • Working continuously to improve cybersecurity posture and best practices
  • Preparing for regulatory and industry compliance and addressing third-party vendor risk assessments
  • Cost-effectively modernizing cybersecurity through technology managed by skilled experts.

Defendify’s customers receive regular reports detailing their current cyber hygiene, suspicious behavior discovered and contained along with any vulnerabilities found, and recommendations for improvement. A cybersecurity expert will routinely review these reports and offer guidance on strengthening overall cybersecurity posture.

“Small and midsized businesses are increasingly the subject of sophisticated cyberattacks, as much if not even more than the giant corporations we read about every day,” stated Rob Knake, former director of cyber policy at the White House and an advisor to Defendify. “Unlike their enterprise counterparts, smaller organizations don’t have the ability in-house to detect and contain advanced threats.”

See the Defendify webinar Why Cyberattacks Aren’t Just for the Enterprise, and What To Do About It, featuring Rob Knake and Rob Simopoulos at

Adds Rob Simopoulos, “With Breach Detection & Response, Defendify now delivers even greater peace of mind for businesses and IT providers responsible for security, working around the clock as a cyber alarm system to detect potential threats and quickly stop attacks when identified.”

You can learn more about the Defendify Breach Detection & Response module by vising

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