Why Cyberattacks Aren’t Just for the Enterprise, and What To Do About It

December 15, 2020


Small and midsized businesses are increasingly becoming the subject of sophisticated cyberattacks, just like large enterprises.

Unlike their enterprise counterparts, smaller organizations aren’t aware they are targets and typically don’t have cyber alarm systems in place to detect advanced threats, or the ability to properly protect against or contain them when they do happen.

In this webinar, the former White House Director of Cybersecurity, and Director of Policy at the National Security Council, Rob Knake, explains how cyber-criminals and state actors have become more capable of, and interested in, targeting businesses of all sizes.

Rob will advise non-enterprise businesses, often with 500 employees or less, on the state of cybersecurity, providing alternative breach detection and response approaches to thwart advanced persistent threats that won’t require complicated tools or hiring highly specialized internal cybersecurity experts.

Hosted by 20+ year security veteran and Co-Founder of Defendify, Rob Simopoulos, this webinar will provide attendees with key insights into real world threats and critical steps to prevent advanced cyberattacks.

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