Remove the Complexity of Sophisticated Cybersecurity to Beat Sophisticated Threats

March 18, 2021 Hosted by Spiceworks

Organizations with basic cybersecurity tools are being threatened by the same sophisticated cyberattacks as larger enterprises. If your cybersecurity program has not evolved to protect against modern threats, many attacks may go undetected, and most will result in a hefty expense to fix the breach.

Protecting data across your entire organization does not mean you need to build a complicated security technology stack, and hire an internal team of security experts to manage it 24/7.

Former White House Director of Cybersecurity, Rob Knake, explains the current cyber threat landscape, and how organizations without security teams can gain the same comprehensive protection of larger enterprise cybersecurity solutions - but without the expense or complexity.

Joined by 20+ year security veteran and Co-Founder of Defendify, Rob Simopoulos, you will learn steps to update your cybersecurity program to have a “single pane of glass”, allowing you to proactively prevent and remove sophisticated cyber attacks.

Key takeaways include:

  • Reducing the complexity of building a comprehensive cybersecurity program
  • Streamlining cybersecurity across people, process, and technology
  • Gaining visibility of overall cybersecurity risks with clear steps for remediation
  • Simplifying breach detection and response
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