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The Hilt podcast demystifies cybersecurity through intriguing interviews with business, nonprofit, and government leaders and cybersecurity experts.

The Hilt Podcast: Episode 10

Unpacking Executive Order 14028: Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity

Former Director of White House Cybersecurity, Rob Knake, breaks down the May 12, 2021 Executive Order by the Biden Administration, outlining the reasons and potential impact of new cybersecurity requirements, how Executive Order 14028 will be implemented, and what organizations who provide products or services to Federal agencies will need to know.

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The Hilt: Episode 9

What Employers Look for When Hiring IT Security Professionals

Interview with Dr. Lori Sussman of the University of Southern Maine’s Technology and Cybersecurity program, about what skills employers are looking for that will help meet the growing demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals.

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The Hilt: Episode 8

Uncovering Industrial Manufacturing Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Interview with Aron Semle, CTO of HighByte, on how Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) teams can work together to understand, build, and maintain a comprehensive security posture across people, process and technology.

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The Hilt: Episode 7

Contractors and Integrators Now Required to Add Cybersecurity, or Risk Losing the Job

Interview with Chuck Wilson, the Executive Director of the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) on what the new 2020 MasterFormat® regulations say about cybersecurity.

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The Hilt: Episode 6

Systems Integration Business Leaders Share Cybersecurity Knowledge

A panel of National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) members on their perspectives of cybersecurity issues impacting systems integrators and small businesses today. Panelists: Brandon Conick, Christina DeBono, and Randy Johnson.

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The Hilt: Episode 5

First-In-Kind Cybersecurity Programs Cross PATHS Through CTE for High Schoolers

Interview with Nate Jalbert, Cybersecurity Instructor at the Portland Arts and Technology High School (PATHS), and two of his students, Quinn and Maxim, on the shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals, and how the PATHS program is helping fill the demand.

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The Hilt: Episode 4

The Intersection of Cybersecurity, Law, and Business

Interview with Sid Bose, Data Privacy attorney at Ice Miller, LLP who advises reviews various data security and privacy issues dealing with online privacy, vendor contracts and agreements, data security and privacy audits, regulatory compliance, data breaches, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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The Hilt: Episode 3

Understanding Third-Party Risk Assessments

Interview with Justin Riehl, Principal Consultant and Managing Principal for Service and Platform Delivery at CastleHill. Justin weighs in on what organizations need to know about third-party risk assessments, based on his 20 years of experience in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Enterprise Architecture.

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The Hilt: Episode 2

The Intersection of Privacy & Cybersecurity

Interview with Ginny Lee, Privacy Officer at CISCO, who has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes, including Yahoo!, Intel, and Starbucks, to establish processes and legal policies around data privacy.

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The Hilt: Episode 1

Modernized Cyber Conflicts Explained

Interview with Rob Knake, the former Director of Cybersecurity Policy at The White House under the Obama Administration. Rob was responsible for the development of Presidential policy on cybersecurity, and built and managed federal processes for cyber incident response and vulnerability management.

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