The Intersection of Cybersecurity, Law, and Business

Sid Bose


Show notes

Join Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos on The Hilt! In this episode, Rob speaks with Sid Bose, attorney with Ice Miller’s Data Security and Privacy Group. Their discussion hones in on the legal aspects of cybersecurity for Small Business.

Sid Bose is an attorney in Ice Miller’s Data Security and Privacy group. With an information systems and security background, Sid counsels clients on various data security and privacy issues dealing with online privacy, vendor contracts and agreements, data security and privacy audits, regulatory compliance, data breaches, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Prior to joining Ice Miller, Sid was an IT Performance Engineer, tackling the assessment, testing and delivery of business-critical applications and IT infrastructure services.

Rob’s conversation with Sid covers the critical intersection of cybersecurity, law, and business. You’ll learn about a variety of intriguing legal aspects including the importance of having an attorney who specializes in cybersecurity, preparing for the unexpected, and navigating state and federal laws with the help of your legal counsel in the case of a cybersecurity incident.

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