G2 Winter 2023 Report: Defendify Listed as High Performer in Six Categories

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December 22, 2022
December 22, 2022


The Defendify All-In-One Cybersecurity solution has been listed as a High Performer in six Winter Data Security Software Category Reports on the technology review site G2.com. In addition, Defendify was also listed as a top 10 solution in four G2 Implementation Index Reports, which factor in ease of setup, implementation time, and user adoption.

G2 Winter 2023 Grid® Reports

This December, G2 released their Winter 2023 Grid Reports, in which Defendify earned badges as a High Performer, Best Support, and Easiest Admin in multiple software categories and was named a Leader in the Website Security category.

High Performer Categories:

Best Support Categories:

Easiest Admin Categories:

How G2 Grid placement works:

According to G2, product listing and placement on a G2 Grid are based on unbiased reviews gathered from product users and data aggregated from online sources within a specified timeframe.

G2 asks verified users of a product a series of questions to determine their satisfaction across several categories, from feature expectations being met to the quality of support. G2 also regularly monitors various websites and social media channels to assess overall business growth and market presence.

View Defendify user reviews at www.g2.com/products/defendify-cybersecurity-platform.

About Defendify | All-In-One Cybersecurity

Defendify is pioneering cybersecurity for scaling organizations. Delivering multiple layers of protection, Defendify provides cybersecurity expertise and support through an All-In-One platform designed to strengthen cybersecurity across people, process, and technology, continuously. Defendify streamlines cybersecurity assessments, testing, policies, training, detection, and response in one consolidated and cost-effective cybersecurity solution. Take the next step towards robust cybersecurity at defendify.com

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G2 Fall 2022 Awards
Defendify Listed as a High Performer in Six G2 Grid Categories for Fall 2022
The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform has been listed as a High Performer in six Fall 2022 Data Security Software Category Reports on the technology review site G2.
Defendify Earns 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award
Defendify Earns 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award
Defendify is one of 100 global software and application companies selected for the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards for the 2nd consecutive year.
Defendify Wins 2022 InfoSec Award |Cutting Edge SMB Cybersecurity
Defendify Wins 2022 InfoSec Award In Cutting Edge SMB Cybersecurity
The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform was named "Cutting Edge SMB Cybersecurity" in the 2022 Global InfoSec Awards presented by Cyber Defense Magazine.

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