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Defendify Co-Founder Discusses State Sponsored Cyberattacks

March 7,2022

The U.S. has endured many foreign attacks launched by state sponsored threat actors, and criminal gangs from international countries. Defendify's Rob Simopoulos provides five essential cybersecurity steps every business should take.

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Defendify Reflects on a Year of Growth and Improved Cybersecurity 

January 31, 2022

Over the last year, Defendify saw a dramatic increase in customers looking for comprehensive solutions that include 24/7 monitoring, detection, and response.

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2022 Data Privacy Week | 2022

Defendify Champions Data Privacy

January 21, 2022

As an ongoing National Cybersecurity Alliance partner, Defendify is excited to empower and guide organizations on ways to protect the privacy of those they do business with. 

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Log4j Vulnerability Explained  

December 28, 2021

Defendify breaks through the noise around the Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability and provides quick answers to help organizations without security teams better protect their data.

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Security Today | Cyber Secured Award 2021 | Defendify

Defendify earns Security Today's 2021 CyberSecured. Award

December 17, 2021

Defendify was recognized for outstanding product development in the Cybersecurity Training category by independent judges associated with Security Today magazine.

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G2 Winter 2022 | High Performer

Defendify Listed as a High Performer in Five G2 Grid Categories

December 16, 2021

The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform has been listed as a High Performer in five Winter 2022 Data Security Software Category Reports on the technology review site

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Podnutz Pro Podcast

Defendify's Shanna Utgard and Glen Capen as guests on the Podnutz Pro Podcast

December 8, 2021

What scares you about cybersecurity? How about wiring $2.1 million to a cyber attacker? Learn tips to avoid having that happen to you and ways to educate your clients on enhancing their cybersecurity.

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101 Best Maine Software Companies | Defendify

Defendify listed first of 101 Innovative Maine Software Companies

November 8, 2021

UK media publication, Best Startups, listed Defendify first on their 101 Best Maine Software Companies list - recognizing Maine-based software companies for innovation, growth, management, and societal impact.

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Commercial Integrator: Cybersecurity demands are increasing and presenting opportunity

Commercial Integrator Unpacks AV-as-a-Service Topic During NSCA Pivot to Profit

October 12, 2021

Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, moderated a panel of integrators during the NSCA Pivot to Profit event to address emerging IT and security issues and opportunities for integrators.

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Mark Sunday Joins Defendify Advisory Board

Defendify Welcomes Mark Sunday to Advisory Board

September 30, 2021

Former CIO of Oracle, Mark Sunday, brings deep technology, security, and strategic leadership to Defendify’s elite advisory team.

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Infogion | Best Risk Assessment Tools

Infogion Lists Defendify as Best Risk Assessment Tool

September 28, 2021

Editors at the online technology news site, Infogion, lists Defendify as one of six "Best Risk Assessment Tools" stating "Defendify works as an around-the-clock compliance and security officer, not like a do-it-once security project."

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Security Systems News | Cybersecurity

Security Systems News: Technology Integrators Should Prepare for Customer Cybersecurity Assessments

September 7, 2021

Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, explains how a single cybersecurity incident at one organization creates a ripple effect — impacting vendors, service providers, customers, and many others throughout the supply chain.

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Defendify | 2021 Fall G2 High Performer

Four Defendify Features Listed as a High Performer on Fall 2021 G2 Grid Reports

September 7, 2021

Defendify has been placed as a High Performer on the Fall 2021 G2 Grid Reports for System Security Software, Vulnerability Scanner, Website Security, and Penetration Testing.

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Defendify's Cybersecurity Innovation Earns Twentieth Accolade of 2021

Defendify's Cybersecurity Innovation Earns Twentieth Accolade of 2021

September 2, 2021

Defendify's latest award marks the twentieth accolade in 8 months, recognizing its commitment to an innovative approach to cybersecurity.

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Security Today | 2021 New Product of the Year | Defendify

Defendify's Breach Detection & Response wins New Product of the Year Award

August 19, 2021

Defendify's 13th module, Breach Detection & Response, was awarded New Product of the Year of 2021 in the Cyber Defense Solutions Category by Security Today.

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The UpTech Report

Co-Founder Answers Core Cybersecurity Questions That Smaller Businesses Have

August 12, 2021

Alexander Ferguson from UpTech Report interviews Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, on how small and midsized businesses should start thinking about evolving their cybersecurity programs, and how to get started.

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Security Info Watch \ Walk the Cybersecurity Walk

Security Info Watch: Why Integrators Must Walk the Cybersecurity Walk

August 12, 2021

Tom LeBlanc from the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) discusses key takeaways from an webinar hosted by Defendify on why integrators must do to prioritize cybersecurity internally, and demonstrate it for their customers.

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Moving Maine Forward | Protecting Against Cyberattacks

Co-Founder Q&A on How Businesses Can Stay Protected Online

August 10, 2021

Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, sits down with Moving Maine Forward to shed light on recent cyberattacks, which businesses are most at risk, how to spot an attempted cyber-attack, and how to prevent those attempts from happening in the first place.

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Management Blueprint Podcast

Co-Founder Discusses Cybersecurity for Organizations Without Security Teams

August 6, 2021

Steve Preda with Management Blueprint Podcast chats with Defendify Co-Founder, Andrew Rinaldi, about cybersecurity, organizational alignment, and the benefits of layered security systems.

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CDM | 2021 Black Unicorn Report

Defendify Recognized in 2021 Black Unicorn Report by Cyber Defense Magazine

August 2, 2021

Defendify was recognized in the Top 10 Cybersecurity Startup category for innovation in the 2021 Black Unicorn Report, published annually by Cyber Defense Magazine.

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Defendify Earns 2021 CRN Emerging Vendors Award

CRN® Recognizes Defendify on the 2021 Emerging Vendors List 

July 19, 2021

CRN award highlights Defendify’s commitment to helping technology and IT service providers have a holistic cybersecurity program without needing to hire in-house security experts to build and manage a stack of complex technologies around the clock.

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Building Maine Podcast | Defendify

AGC Maine Asks Defendify What Contractors Should Know About Cybersecurity

July 14, 2021

Associated General Contractors of Maine (AGC Maine) recently invited Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, to discuss the recent increase cybercriminal activity, what risks the construction industry should become aware of, and how to protect theirs and their customer's data.

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Systems Security News

How Technology Service Providers Should Prepare for Cybersecurity Assessments From Customers

July 13, 2021

Larger organizations are realizing that their service providers may become a potential conduit for a cyberattack, and are starting to issue cybersecurity risk assessments to ensure their data will be protected. Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, outlines what integrators and managed service providers should prepare for in this Security Systems News article.

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2021 Cyber Security Live Cast

All-In-One Cybersecurity on Display at 2021 Cyber Security Live Cast Event

June 28, 2021

Managed Service Providers will see how Defendify can protect their organization - and their customers - from sophisticated cyber threats at the 2021 Cyber Security Live Cast event.

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Commercial Integrator | Why Integrators Need to Take Cybersecurity Seriously

Defendify Integrator Customer's Thoughts About Customer Security Requirements

June 28, 2021

Commercial Integrator features comments from Defendify customers, Jim DeStefano, senior vice president of integration firm Unlimited Technology, and Matt Thorne, executive vice president of Electronic Contracting Company, about new data security requirements from customers. 

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Defendify showcasing all-in-one cybersecurity at ISC West 2021

Defendify to Showcase All-In-One Cybersecurity at ISC West

June 25, 2021

Defendify will be showcasing its all-in-one cybersecurity platform at the top event for security and public safety professionals, the International Security Conference & Exposition (known as ISC West) from July 19-21, 2021.

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Defendify Earns G2 High Performer Ranking on Four G2 Grid Reports

Defendify a G2 High Performer in Meeting User's Cybersecurity Requirements

June 22, 2021

Based on user reviews, Defendify has been listed as a High Performer on four data security software G2 Grid® reports. In addition, Defendify earned top user satisfaction rankings for Best Support, being Easiest to Use, and being Easiest To Do Business With.

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Defendify Promotes Tom Leen to Head of Engineering

Defendify Names Tom Leen Head of Engineering

June 21, 2021

Defendify was excited to announce the promotion of Tom Leen to Head Engineer. Tom has been a tremendous asset helping with the development of streamlined cybersecurity for organizations that lack in-house security teams.

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2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award

Defendify's All-In-One Cybersecurity Solution Receives 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award

June 15, 2021

Defendify's all-in-one cybersecurity platform is selected for a 2021 Fortress Cyber Security Award which recognizes the world’s leading products that are working to keep our data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers.

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Security Infowatch

Co-Founder featured in Security Info Watch on why Managed Detection and Response presents an emerging business opportunity for security integrators

June 14, 2021

Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, explains how integrators can partner with a reputable cybersecurity and/or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) firm to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that will help separate themselves from the competition.

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ADI Global Distribution Partners with Defendify

ADI Global Distribution partners with Defendify to provide cybersecurity to integrator customers

June 2, 2021

With a growing need for data security, ADI Global Distribution has added Defendify’s cybersecurity platform to help its technology integration customers protect their own businesses, while also creating new opportunities to offer a cybersecurity solution that can drive recurring revenue.

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5 Tips to Building a Cyber-Smart Culture

Rob Simopoulos featured in Cyber Defense Magazine with 5 cyber-smart workplace culture tips

May 24, 2021

Building a cyber-smart culture means continuously working to develop a robust cybersecurity program and educate all users on cybersecurity to build institutional awareness of what to be on the lookout for, along with trending cyber threats. A key part of preventing a cyberattack is knowing how to recognize it and the appropriate actions to take once identified.

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The ChannelPro Network Vendors on the Vanguard | Defendify

Defendify cybersecurity platform named to The ChannelPro Network's Vendors of the Vanguard list

May 21, 2021

Defendify was listed on the 2021 ChannelPro Network Vendors on the Vanguard list for helping IT channel organizations - and their customers - deal with the challenges brought on by the rapid shift to a remote workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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BetaNews features Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, on how robust cybersecurity is possible without a security team

May 19, 2021

Having baseline data protection, like antivirus and firewalls, is simply not enough. Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos outlines what you can do now to build more robust cybersecurity - even without a security team on staff.

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Defendify Wins 2021 Global InfoSec Award

Defendify Wins 2021 Global InfoSec Award for Best SMB Cybersecurity Product

May 17, 2021

The Defendify Cybersecurity Platform was named Best Product in SMB Cybersecurity in the 2021 Global InfoSec Awards, presented by Cyber Defense Magazine.

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Joe Raczka and Jerry King Join the Defendify Board of Directors

Joe Raczka and Jerry King Join the Defendify Board of Directors

May 4, 2021

Defendify announces Joe Raczka, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at York IE, and Jerry King, Technology Executive and Entrepreneur, have joined the Defendify Board of Directors.

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VMBlog article by Defendify Cybersecurity Success Manager on Assessing Partner and Vendor Cybersecurity

April 30, 2021

Defendify's Cybersecurity Success Manager, Shanna Utgard, writes on the importance of why checking the cybersecurity your external partners and vendors could reduce the risk of unintentionally compromising the security of your data.

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The Tech Tribune

The Tech Tribune Features Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos

April 27, 2021

An exclusive Tech Tribune interview with Rob Simopoulos, Co-Founder of Defendify, which was recently honored on the 2021 Best Tech Startups in Maine list.

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Defendify Recognized for Innovation

Defendify All-in-One Cybersecurity Solution Recognized for Innovation

April 15, 2021

Defendify's all-in-one cybersecurity platform is recognized for multiple awards and accolades by several business and industry groups for innovating cybersecurity for organizations without security teams.

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Defendify Champions First-Ever Identity Management Day

Defendify Champions First-Ever Identity Management Day

April 13, 2021

Defendify was selected as an Industry Champion in the first ever Identity Management Day hosted by the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA).

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Andrew Rinaldi on SaaS-Story in the Making

Co-Founder, Andrew Rinaldi, Discusses the Importance of Cybersecurity on the SaaS-Story In The Making Podcast

April 13, 2021

Andrew Rinaldi, Co-Founder at Defendify, lays Cybersecurity bare while discussing the tactics he and his team used to scale Defendify with Matt Wolach, the host of SaaS-Story in the Making podcast.

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NSCA Integrate Magazine

Co-Founder on how the SolarWinds hack is relevant to Systems Integrators in Protecting their Clients

March 30, 2021

Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, shares his thoughts on what Systems Integrators should take away from the recent Solar Winds hack in the Spring 2021 issue of NSCA Integrate.

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Defendify listed as 2021 Best Tech Startup in Maine by The Tech Tribune

Defendify Listed as Best Tech Startup in Maine by The Tech Tribune

March 30, 2021

For the 2nd year in a row, Defendify is listed as a top 10 Maine startup by The Tech Tribune based on revenue, leadership, product adoption, and market differentiation.

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Maine Startups Insider

Co-Founder on how Defendify Navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and Saw Success

March 26, 2021

Co-Founder, Andrew Rinaldi, discusses with Maine Startups Insider how Defendify addressed the growing need for cybersecurity protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the market response.

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Startup .Info Interview with Rob Simopoulos of Defendify

Co-Founder on How Defendify Makes Cybersecurity Possible for Organizations Without Security Teams

March 24, 2021

Startup .Info interview with Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, on how the company got started, and how it has pioneered cybersecurity for organizations without a security team.

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G2 Spring 2021 High Performer

Defendify Ranks as a G2 2021 High Performer with the Best Support

March 23, 2021

G2 ranks Defendify as a 2021 High Performer, as well as being Easiest To Do Business With, and having Best Support. Rankings are based on unbiased user reviews of the Defendify Cybersecurity Platform on G2.

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Defendify Listed as a 2021 Top 10 Startup by The ORG

Defendify Named a Top 10 Maine Startup by The ORG

March 18, 2021

Portland, Maine is becoming a fast-growing hub for innovative startups. The ORG names Defendify on their list of Top 10 Maine Startups who are making waves in the Pine Tree State.

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Defendify Co-Founder on the Importance of Cybersecurity Assessments

Defendify Co-Founder on the Importance of Cybersecurity Assessments

March 10, 2021

Rob Simopoulos, Co-Founder of Defendify, explains why ongoing cybersecurity assessments should be a standard business practice that helps measure the strengths and weaknesses of cybersecurity across the entire organization.

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Defendify Wins Cybersecurity Global Excellence Award

Defendify Listed as a 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards Winner

March 2, 2021

Defendify listed as a Cybersecurity Software Startup of the Year company in the 17th Annual 2021 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards.

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Defendify Captures Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Defendify Captures Three Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

March 1, 2021

Cybersecurity Insiders just announced the winners of their 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, where Defendify took Gold in the Best Free Cybersecurity Tool category for the free Defendify Essentials Package, and Silver for both the Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company, and Best Cybersecurity Startup categories.

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Defendify Makes Threat. Technology Top 100 Network Security Company List

February 19, 2021

Defendify is proud to be placed on the Threat. Technology list of American startups and companies who are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Network Security industry. 

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AiThority Covers Defendify's Innovative Momentum from 2020

February 11, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology news publication, AiThority, picks up on Defendify’s innovative approach to cybersecurity.

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As Demand Increases for Cybersecurity, Defendify Innovates and Expands

January 29, 2021

Cybercriminals have leveraged the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying a record number of cyber attacks impacting organizations of all sizes. Defendify has been answering the demand for more robust cybersecurity, adding new tools, and thousands of user accounts across 18 countries.

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Defendify Partners with the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) for Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2021

As an official National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) Champion of Data Privacy Day, Defendify is spreading the word about how to not only protect your data, but also your customer data. (Link)

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Why the SolarWinds Cyber Hack Could Have One-to-Many Impacts

January 27, 2021

Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos discusses how a single systems integrator who experiences a cyber incident could easily cause a major cascading compromise effect to many of their customers.

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Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, on the SolarWinds Breach and the Cascading Effects of a Cyber Incident

January 27, 2021

Commercial Integrator article focuses on how various remote connections to customer networks creates a risk that a single breach could provide access to numerous targets.

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Defendify featured by Traction Tools

January 21, 2021

Traction Tools, leader in Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) software, lists Defendify as solution to help EOS® organizations elevate cybersecurity.

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