Cyber Insider: MSP Stories From The Trenches

From the cybersecurity frontlines with Defendify's Success Managers

July 15, 2021


With more news about cyberattacks making headlines, organizations who rely on a Managed Service Provider (MSP) are starting to ask questions about how their data is being protected - including requests for MSPs to prove they have the knowledge, and their own cybersecurity program in place.

In this presentation, Defendify Success Managers, Shanna Utgard and Glen Capen, share real examples of issues MSPs face to not only protect themselves from evolving threats, like ransomware, but find a way to offer comprehensive cybersecurity to their clients.

Examples of MSP cybersecurity challenges that will be addressed include:

  • Managing the cybersecurity conversation with clients and prospects.
  • Meeting client demands for 3rd party security assessments, compliance, and cyber insurance.
  • Offering comprehensive cybersecurity as a service with minimal budgets and resources.

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