They Didn’t Know, But They Do Now: How These MSPs Got Started in Cybersecurity

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While MSPs quickly find ways to meet client requests for cybersecurity-related services, they are also considering how they are protecting their own organization. A panel of MSP leaders discuss how they got to build and maintain a strong cybersecurity program for them and their clients.

With accelerated levels of recent cyberattacks, many IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have seen an uptick in client demand for more data protection. Furthermore, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting IT service providers as a means to breach and access their customer data.

While MSPs quickly find ways to meet client requests for cybersecurity-related services, they are also considering how they are protecting their own organization. Where should they begin and what should they look for to maintain a strong cybersecurity program?

Defendify hosts an expert panel of IT Managed Service Providers who shed light on how they quickly understood what data security vulnerabilities they had, saw what was needed to fill security gaps, and how they got started providing a cybersecurity-as-a-service offering to their clients.

Join Shanna Utgard, award-winning Success Manager at Defendify, as she walks through how RoundTable Technologies, Computer Technology Management Systems, Lighthouse IT Solutions, and the Michigan Nonprofit Association Technology Services got started in building comprehensive cybersecurity programs for their organization, and for their customers.

Panelists Include:
  • Joshua Peskay | vCIO/Cybersecurity @ RoundTable Technology
  • Enrique Torres-Baiz | President @ Computer Technology Management Systems
  • Matthew Almendinger | CEO @ Lighthouse IT Solutions
  • Yuriy Flit | IT Specialist @ Michigan Nonprofit Association

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