Say Hello to the New Defendify!

September 24th, 2021

We're excited to share the launch of a new version of the Defendify All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform!

This is our biggest release yet with a fresh new design and feature enhancements across the platform. New functionality, improved overall usability, and an all new dashboard with quick insights into cybersecurity status—streamline and strengthen organizational cybersecurity across people, process, and technology.

Defendify Cybersecurity Platform

Defendify Improvements and Updates

Some key improvements in this latest release include:

  • Updated design and user experience, including a new cybersecurity program dashboard featuring real time module status, key platform statistics, and quick access to reports and activity dates.
  • Refreshed module dashboards for quick insight into status, recommendations for improvement, key insights, and reporting.
  • Improved cybersecurity notifications and alerts.
  • Updated reporting capabilities for more visibility into findings and recommendations.
  • New tools for administrators to view and manage assets, subscription, settings, and licensing.
  • Improved in-app workflows and visibility, including for Defendify partners.

These improvements are the result of the continuous customer feedback and direct input from the top security experts on our Advisory Board

"The overall user experience of this new Defendify version is a big improvement," says Joshua Peskay, vCIO / Cybersecurity at RoundTable Technology, a Defendify Partner since 2019. "New features of the platform, including key insights and aging are quite helpful and employee enrollment is much, much easier.”

All-In-One Cybersecurity with Defendify

Committed to streamlining cybersecurity for all organizations, Defendify empowers organizations with robust and comprehensive cybersecurity across three primary layers of protection:

Assessments & Testing: To monitor and benchmark critical data security weaknesses and improvements.

Policies & Training: To establish protocols and educate all employees on identifying and handling cyber threats regularly.

Detection & Response: To actively monitor, identify, respond, and contain cybercriminal activity around the clock.

Want to learn more or see it in action? Let’s talk!

And be sure to stay tuned! This is just the start of how we’re continuing to evolve the award-winning, Defendify all-in-one cybersecurity platform.

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