Defendify All-in-One Cybersecurity Solution Recognized for Innovation

April 15th, 2021

Maine tech startup receives multiple accolades for transforming how organizations without security teams can build stronger cybersecurity

Defendify, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform, announces several accolades made by industry and media groups, including Cybersecurity Insiders, Threat. Technology, and G2, among others. Defendify is pioneering cybersecurity by delivering multiple layers of protection through an easy-to-use platform designed to continuously strengthen overall cybersecurity posture across people, process and technology.

Increased Demand for Cybersecurity

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in cybercriminal activity stemming from the rapid shift in remote workforce operations. As a result, many organizations, especially those without data security staff and resources, have found themselves more vulnerable than ever.

To assist in building a stronger cybersecurity posture during the pandemic, Defendify released a free Cybersecurity Essentials Package: The tools include a cybersecurity assessment, an automated network vulnerability scanner, and a threat alerts system. These 3 of the 13 available tools within the Defendify platform have helped thousands of organizations around the globe quickly identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities and prioritize threat risk for remediation.

Defendify Recognized for Innovating Cybersecurity

Defendify’s Essentials Package won the Cybersecurity Insiders 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Award in the Best Free Cybersecurity Tool category, while Defendify earned awards for Most Innovative Cybersecurity Company, and Best Cybersecurity Startup.

In addition, Defendify was listed in G2 Spring 2021 reports as a High Performer, as well as having the Best Support and being Easiest To Do Business With. Defendify earned 100% user satisfaction, ranking higher than any compared business.

Defendify was also recognized as a Cybersecurity Software Startup of the Year in the 17th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, a top American company innovating the Network Security industry by Threat. Technology, and was listed as a Best Tech Startup by the The Tech Tribune.

Defendify streamlined comprehensive cybersecurity for organizations to proactively defend against and respond to evolving threats

“It is an honor to be recognized by these groups as we continue to innovate cybersecurity for organizations without IT security teams,” says Co-Founder, Andrew Rinaldi. “Many growing businesses are still relying on basic measures like antivirus and firewalls, and with the level of sophisticated cyberattacks we are seeing today, it’s just not enough. Defendify has streamlined comprehensive cybersecurity for organizations to proactively defend against and respond to evolving threats.”

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Expanding Cybersecurity

Defendify’s innovation was supported by $2 million in funding for growth at the start of 2020 from the Maine Technology Institute, 3dot6 Ventures, Maine Venture Fund, York IE, and Wasabi Ventures Partners. Throughout the year, the company expanded both its footprint and functionality and raised an additional $1.1M inside round of funding to accelerate growth in 2021.

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