As Demand Increases for Cybersecurity, Defendify Innovates and Expands

Defendify sign
Defendify sign

Throughout the pandemic, Defendify, the all-in-one, award-winning cybersecurity platform, sees significant increase in new users as they continue to innovate cybersecurity solutions for organizations with limited security resources. Defendify is pioneering cybersecurity by delivering multiple layers of protection through an easy-to-use platform designed to continuously strengthen overall cybersecurity posture across people, process and technology.

Cybersecurity has never been more top of mind than in 2020 as cybercriminals leveraged the uncertainty of the pandemic, deploying a record number of cyber attacks impacting organizations of all sizes. As reported by the FBI, there has been a 300% increase in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic, especially targeting companies who swiftly had to change operations to a work-from-home model. This accelerated shift increases the risk of security gaps, especially as many remote employees have begun using personal devices and connecting to home WiFi networks with weaker security to access their company’s sensitive data. As cybercriminals continue to take advantage of vulnerabilities stemming from remote workforce operations, it has become clear that the distributed work environment is here to stay. According to a recent Gartner survey, 74% of CFOs plan to shift some previously on-site employees to permanent remote positions post COVID-19.

2021 marks the year where cybersecurity goes from a nice-to-have to a must-have for organizations with small or no security staff. Cybersecurity is a term the enterprise has known for a long time, but it’s really just now making big waves with all businesses who need to grow and strengthen their cybersecurity posture,” stated Andrew Rinaldi, Co-Founder, Defendify. “Cybersecurity can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Given the significant increase in cybercrime this past year, the time is now to make cybersecurity part of your overall business strategy, and Defendify is here to help.”

Since the pandemic began, Defendify has added thousands of user accounts, with reach expanding across 18 countries. To help organizations quickly see data security vulnerabilities caused by operational changes, they began offering 3 of the 13 tools within the Defendify platform as a free Cybersecurity Essentials Package: The tools include a Cybersecurity Assessment, an automated Network Vulnerability Scanner, and a Cyber Threat Alerts System.

According to Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, “Some organizations think they are secure with basic antivirus and firewall technology, but many organizations have experienced a breach with these technologies in place. At Defendify, our analytics show that nearly 70% of new users who run their first cybersecurity assessment score a failing grade.

Defendify has removed the complexity of building and maintaining an ongoing cybersecurity program to help protect companies against evolving threats.

We have consolidated best-in-class cybersecurity tools that are easy to use and feature automated processes backed by a team of cybersecurity experts,” notes Simopoulos. “Defendify does all the heavy-lifting.”

Recognized as 2020’s “Most Innovative” cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses by Cyber Defense Magazine, Defendify was listed alongside Asana, QuickBooks, and Zoom as valuable technology during COVID-19 and beyond by ReadWrite News.

In December 2020, Defendify bolstered its solution, announcing the addition of Breach Detection & Response, a 24/7 threat monitoring and containment system that couples artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity professionals to actively search and identify data security anomalies then respond in real-time to stop cybercriminals. These cybersecurity experts provide key stakeholders with regular reports detailing the state of their cyber hygiene, any suspicious behavior or vulnerabilities found, and recommendations for improving overall cybersecurity strength.

Defendify’s innovation was supported by $2 million in funding for growth at the start of the year from the Maine Technology Institute, 3dot6 Ventures, Maine Venture FundYork IE and Wasabi Ventures Partners. Throughout the year, the company expanded both its footprint and functionality and raised an additional $1.1M inside round of funding to accelerate growth in 2021.

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