Awareness Poster Library

Reinforce cybersecurity awareness with creative posters you can display digitally and at the office

The Awareness Poster Library within the Defendify platform houses a series of creative, eye-catching posters that help reinforce cybersecurity best practices for all employees, digitally and in the office. These workplace visual reminders include engaging graphics and use straight talk, not tech talk, to communicate topical messages, ensure understanding, and help strengthen employee cyber know-how.

Awareness Posters: Designed to remind

Designed to remind

Cybersecurity awareness training posters are simple tools that businesses can leverage to help reinforce good cybersecurity habits in the workplace. Defendify's posters are crafted to maximize the impact of visual cues, by combining digestible and easy-to-understand cybersecurity content with unique, witty, memorable, and engaging graphics.

Where to use cybersecurity awareness posters

Where to use cybersecurity awareness posters

Display cybersecurity awareness posters in common, high-traffic areas at your place of business as a "light touch" reminder to good cybersecurity habits and best practices. Posters can also be made into physical flyers, used in presentations, or digitally shared through company email, internal messaging tools, or newsletters.

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