Cybersecurity, Simplified: Cybersecurity Awareness Posters

December 1st, 2020

There are posters throughout many offices used to inspire employees, announce achievements, and remind staff of government and company rules and policies. These rules and policies are generally focused on employees safety; however it is equally important to display policies and best practices around cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Awareness Posters

Who are Cybersecurity Awareness Posters for?

Cybersecurity awareness posters are for everyone, having bright and engaging posters showing quick cybersecurity tips and tricks helps to ensure that cybersecurity best practices are always top of mind in the workplace. They are quickly digested and don’t require the same time commitment as cybersecurity awareness training videos which tend to be more detailed.

What are Cybersecurity Awareness Posters for?

The majority of cyber incidents are a direct result of human error. Posters with tips and helpful reminders ensure everyone knows what to be on the lookout for as well as what to do if trouble arises. Security awareness posters can convey messages such as:

  • the importance of using strong passwords
  • the security dangers of using public WiFi
  • what it means to have a ‘clean desk’
  • avoiding malware and ransomware attacks by not clicking on unknown files

When do Cybersecurity Awareness Posters Matter? 

A strong cybersecurity posture can not be attained unless every member of your team knows what it takes to be cyber secure. Cybersecurity awareness posters are a great addition to other cybersecurity awareness training efforts as they help to reinforce the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity without requiring any additional training.

Where Should Cybersecurity Awareness Posters be Utilized?

Cybersecurity awareness posters can be put on display around the workplace in high traffic areas as a “light touch” reminder of good cybersecurity habits and best practices and they can also be used as handouts in meetings or sent out digitally to employees in newsletters and emails.

Why are Cybersecurity Awareness Posters Important?

A strong cybersecurity posture is a team effort that requires building a cybersmart culture. Coupled with a regular cybersecurity awareness program, displaying awareness posters allows for you to make sure that cybersecurity best practices are always top of mind with easily digestible and visually engaging snippets of cybersecurity advice.

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