Cyber Crystal Ball: What 2022 Will Hold

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You don't need a psychic to see what the future of cybersecurity holds. Join three cybersecurity experts for a highly interactive discussion about cybersecurity predictions and security challenges in 2022.

As we reflect on 2021, one thing is certain – IT professionals and organizations were dealt some difficult cards, and “the cards don’t lie, Honey”. We don’t have to be psychic to predict more of the same coming in 2022. What lessons did we learn from this past year, and how can you use this wisdom to improve your cybersecurity program in 2022?

During this presentation, an extra-special surprise guest joins three cybersecurity experts (see below) to discuss the most significant cyber changes of 2021 and individual predictions for 2022. Get the hot lines on:

In this presentation you will learn:
  • The growth and evolution of ransomware attacks in 2021 from a ransomware negotiator
  • Third-party risk, supply chain vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity insurance market hardening
  • Closing the talent gap and educating the next generation of cyber defenders
  • The convergence of physical and digital security systems
  • Channeling where to focus your research on new solutions in the vendor channel

We’re “keepin’ it real” with an highly interactive discussion about security challenge predictions.

Expert Presenters
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Antoinette King

Founder, Credo Cyber Consulting

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Kurtis Minder

CEO, Group Sense

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Lori Sussman

Professor, University of Southern Maine

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Be Prepared for the Cyber Insurance Trends of 2022
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Looking Ahead to Social Engineering Trends of 2022
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Tackling the Emerging Vulnerability Trends of 2022
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