Ransomware Never Takes a Holiday

December 16, 2021


Everyone enjoys the holiday season as they look forward to the parties, shopping for gifts, and taking time away from the office. While you're feeling jolly, cyber-attackers are hard at work and preying on the fact that people are distracted and out of the office. These bad actors are using the extra time as an opportunity to orchestrate sophisticated ransomware attacks.

There's no need to lose your holiday cheer, though.

Join Shanna Utgard, the award-winning Senior Cybersecurity Advocate at Defendify, and Glen Capen, Defendify Success Manager, as they:

  • Outline common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used in a ransomware infection.
  • Break down how you can stop an attack in its tracks even when you log off for the festive season with managed detection and response technology.
  • Demonstrate how Defendify Breach Detection and Response (BDR) module can effectively prevent and detect attacks that are developing in real-time.
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