Defendify is Named Business Accelerator of the Year by NSCA

Defendify is proud to announce that it has won the National Systems Contractors Association’s (NSCA) Business Accelerator of the Year Award. The award is given annually to one of the association’s partners in recognition of the value and quality of service provided to NSCA members. 

NSCA Business Accelerator

This year, the NSCA recognized Defendify’s ability to educate their members on the importance of cybersecurity and cyber insurance. Accepting the award on behalf of Defendify during the opening dinner at the annual Business & Leadership Conference (BLC) in Dallas, TX was Shanna Utgard, who sits on NSCA's Emerging Technologies Committee. NSCA’s BLC has become the industry’s most notable platform for executive-level education and networking—and 2022 is set to be the most-anticipated BLC in history.

Shanna Utgard receives NSCA award

Proud Partner of the NSCA

Deploying enterprise-level security technology or hiring cybersecurity professionals can be challenging or impossible for businesses without security teams. As a partner of the NSCA, Defendify can help members better understand how to protect their organizational and customer data through building an ongoing and robust cybersecurity program. 

"Over the past year, Defendify has done an impressive job of educating our members about the importance of cybersecurity and cyber insurance. This issue will only increase in importance as more end-users expect to partner with integrators that have established cybersecurity practices in place. Defendify's team is a trusted resource for NSCA members who need cybersecurity tools, expertise, and guidance." - Mike Abernathy, NSCA Director of Business Resources

Last year, cyber insurance became an essential cornerstone of every information security program, but the cybersecurity insurance market continues to change due to rapidly evolving cyber threats. Defendify’s goal is to help organization be prepared to obtain cyber insurance and reduce insurance premiums by providing cyber insurance readiness resources and comprehensive cybersecurity.

About the NSCA

The National Systems Contractors Association is the leading association representing the commercial low-voltage and electronic systems industry. As the leading not-for-profit association representing the commercial electronic systems industry, NSCA is one of the nation’s strongest advocates for the field of systems integration. From systems integrators to architects, the NSCA provides training, networking opportunities, and consultation to increase sales and profitability, improve operations, enhance financial accountability, and educate and motivate employees. 


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