Defendify Named a Top 10 Maine Startup by The ORG

March 18th, 2021

Portland, Maine, is becoming a fast-growing hub for innovative startups. The ORG names Defendify on their list of Top 10 Maine Startups making waves in the Pine Tree State.

While it isn't the capital, Portland is the state's largest city, the economic hub, and home to a thriving startup community. The city's proximity to universities gives businesses access to high-quality, tech-savvy talent. It serves as the first stop for many young entrepreneurs looking to start their ventures out of school.

The city's reputation as a tech community has only grown stronger as Portland was selected in January 2020 as the location of a new research institute, led by Northeastern University, focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Org named the following ten companies as the most exciting tech startups brewing in Maine:

  1. Defendify 
  2. Highbyte
  3. OysterTracker
  4. MedRythms
  5. Chimani
  6. KinoTek
  7. Farmhand Automation
  8. Wallit
  9. Friday
  10. Novo Biosciences 

Check out the full list of Ten Startups From Maine to Know in 2021 with full descriptions of each company here.

About The Org:

The ORG was founded in 2017 with the mission to make organizations more transparent. 50,000 companies and counting. They believe that by making organizations more transparent, everyone will understand more about their own companies, the people in them, and finally sing the true heroes' songs.

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