New Security Requirements Impacting Contractors and Integrators 

June 17th, 2020

Earlier in 2020, the National Systems Contractors Associations (NSCA) surveyed their members and discovered that 46% are not concerned about cybersecurity. However, with new regulations rolling out in June of 2020, contractors, AV, and systems integrators must now include cybersecurity in all projects.

Defendify Co-Founder Rob Simopoulos interviewed Chuck Wilson, the Executive Director of the NSCA to learn more about what the new 2020 MasterFormat® regulations say about cybersecurity and what changes are impacting the building and construction industry.

Changes to the CSI MasterFormat®

The new 2020 MasterFormat® security regulations regulations from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) mainly impact system integrators who work with specialty technology, such as security systems (cameras and card readers) and AV (communication systems, file sharing, video conferencing, etc.).

As more contractors integrate internal systems with technology, cybersecurity becomes a critical component to protecting customer data. According to Chuck Wilson, industry leaders realize that “selling a system that isn’t properly secured is just as bad as selling a system that doesn’t work.” By ignoring cyber-concerns, you leave your customers vulnerable to attacks, but you also self-eliminate your business from taking projects with a cybersecurity component — the number of which is growing rapidly.

“If you sell it, you’ll need to secure it.”

The new MasterFormat® regulations coming into effect in June of 2020 will require integrators to utilize systems to ensure the new Division 27 and Division 28 cybersecurity standards are met.

“If you don’t comply, you’ll lose business,” Chuck insists. It’s important to have “the right partners, with the right skillsets, the right certifications, and the right training” in order to adhere to the new regulations and to protect your customers.

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