Defendify Exhibits at Nonprofit Educational Conference 

December 11th, 2019

Defendify Partner Success Manager, Shanna Utgard, was recently asked to exhibit with Defendify partner RoundTable Technology at Nonprofit New York’s Best Nonprofit Conference, held December 10th, 2019 in New York City. The thoughtfully curated conference was designed to strengthen nonprofit organizations throughout New York in many different ways. This event was a great opportunity for groups to learn from—and aspire to—the best practices of exceptional nonprofits.

Throughout the event, Shanna and the team from RoundTable Technology discussed the importance of cybersecurity with attendees. Nonprofits have compelling reasons to take cybersecurity seriously. Notably, nonprofits often deal in very sensitive data, including:

  • Client and cause information: The clients and causes nonprofits aim to serve often have sensitive data on file. Information collected can vary widely depending on the cause, but can include very confidential medical, financial, legal, and controversial information.
  • Donor data: Nonprofits collect and store bank account and financial information, contact information, and more from their donors and supporters.
  • Employee information: Any organization with employees stores payroll and tax details, benefits and insurance information, and other sensitive HR-related items.

Besides the importance of protecting sensitive data, reducing the risk of a cybersecurity incident is important to nonprofits due to the potential business disruption. Finally, there is potential that a cyberattack or breach could make potential donors or supporters think twice before getting involved with an otherwise great cause.

In addition to educating attendees about cybersecurity, Shanna had the chance to show the Defendify platform to attendees and discuss how they can work with RoundTable Technology and Defendify to simplify their cybersecurity. When nonprofits have the tools they need to stay as secure as possible, it’s good news for great causes everywhere.

Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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