Security Business Magazine Feature: The Integrator’s Convergence to Cybersecurity

by March 18th, 2019

Defendify’s article on systems integrators’ next steps towards cybersecurity was recently published in Security Business Magazine. Read our short introduction below, then check out the full article here.

Systems integrators have long been discussing “convergence” – the idea that physical security and systems integration is in the process of converging with the IT field. This has come about not just because of changes in technology, but because of the shift and expansion of decision-makers in security integration. Where physical security systems were once selected by operations and facility managers, we’re now seeing significant influence from the IT team. And it makes sense – most technology solutions, including security systems, now run on the company network, meaning that IT is heavily involved in deploying, managing, and securing these solutions.

The gap between security and IT has further narrowed: Many traditional IT providers have begun to offer security integration services, and many integrators have become more IT-centric. Now that the two are so connected, there’s an even further consideration that effects both integration and IT: cybersecurity.

Many systems integrators realize that they need to have a strong cybersecurity posture to protect both themselves and their customers from modern threats. But to take it even further, some savvy integrators have started to offer cybersecurity solutions to their customers as part of their product mix. It’s a natural next step for systems integrators who are interested in adding to their offerings while protecting their valued customers.

So what components need to be included to form a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, and how can systems integrators roll out their program?

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