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by November 1st, 2018

We were recently published on, discussing how cybersecurity isn’t one person’s responsibility. Everyone in the organization is a cyberdefender and needs to be on board to build a genuine culture of cybersecurity. We’ve included a summary and introduction below, but you can check out the full article here.

Most business owners consider cybersecurity to be the responsibility of the IT person or department. While IT will be a good resource and likely champion cybersecurity for the business, your business's cybersecurity shouldn't be just one person or team's job. You need to empower all employees to be cyberdefenders by getting them involved at every level, from interns to executives.

Implementing consistent, company-wide policies and ongoing training around cybersecurity will set the tone and demonstrate the importance of understanding cybersecurity to the entire organization.

Keep in mind that a one-time training is not going to cut it. In order to instill good cybersecurity hygiene in your entire team you’ll need to regularly educate your employees by keeping them stay updated on the latest threats and how spot them. Make the training fun! Pit HR against Finance to see which group is better prepared to in a mock cybersecurity scenario.

By making cybersecurity a consistent part of your employees’ jobs, and even part of their job description, you’ll be in a much better position to protect against the growing number of risks that could compromise the business’s cybersecurity. Cybercrime is modern crime; there is no silver bullet. That's why everybody within your company needs to be a cyberdefender.

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