Feature: Prioritizing Cybersecurity at Your Small Business 

by September 20th, 2018

We were recently published on, discussing the importance of cybersecurity for Small Business and how to prioritize it organizationally. We’ve included a summary and introduction below, but you can check out the full article here.

Cybersecurity isn’t always something business owners and operators focus on daily. Maybe they consider it something that falls exclusively under the IT umbrella. Maybe the risks aren’t clear and they don’t think their business is a target. Or, for some, it’s just not a comfortable topic because it can be complicated and hard to grasp with major implications.

But smart business leaders know that cybersecurity isn’t just an IT thing, and that every organization can be a target, regardless of industry or company size. Breaches at large corporations are all over the news, but we’re increasingly hearing about it happening to local companies right in our backyards. Now more than ever, it is critical we all take steps to build a strong cybersecurity posture. It’s a key component of business, and something that leadership must tackle proactively and from the top.

Cybersecurity means going above and beyond baseline technology. It’s about implementing policies and procedures to guide your business. It’s about training yourself and your team to develop a security-first mindset and remain aware in all that you do. And yes, it’s about deploying technology – but only after you have carefully chosen the right technologies to complement, not replace, your foundational and cultural cybersecurity focus.

Business owners and managers have the responsibility to set the cybersecurity tone for the whole organization. The good news? There are several straightforward steps you can take to kick off your ongoing, cyber-strong culture at your organization.

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