The Launch Team attended SecureWorld. The show was quite packed with the top cybersecurity professionals from all over.

The repeating trend was that ransomware is on the rise. Russian attackers are using more and more methods with the variation in the malware now exceeding 200. Attackers are moving quickly from consumers towards more businesses focusing on all sizes, and concentrating on the SMB market.

It was interesting to learn from Wombat Security, their research shows that 52% of respondents surveyed had no idea what ransomware was. 

At the panel discussion “Manage the Damage,” a great question was raised about IOT from a crowd participant. He explained that his organization is installing large numbers of security system cameras, door locks and HVAC systems on to the network and needed advice on how to manage them. There was no clearly defined answer, but one panelist explained he was just involved in assigning 20,000 IP addresses to a new lighting system that needed an IP for each bulb. This just continued to show that IOT is a growing security risk inside of organizations.

Overall a well run show by Secureworld. We look forward to attending again next year.

Stay Safe,

Your Friends @ Defendify

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