Cybersecurity Compliance: Expert Tips from the former CIO of the CIA

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Learn learn how to proactively meet customer, industry and government security regulations with Alan Wade, the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defendify.

You may be asked to complete a security assessment from a key customer or partner, or be required to assess your security based on industry or government standards – so how do you know that you can consistently address compliance?

Alan Wade, the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Rob Simopoulos, 20+ year security expert and Co-Founder of Defendify, explain what security standards to look out for, and what resources, processes, and frameworks can help with satisfying those requirements.

Key takeaways for growing businesses:
  • How common compliancy and regulations, like CMMC, PCI, GDPR and HIPAA, are evolving around security
  • Understanding non-compliance risks, and steps to proactively meet requirements
  • How to map your cybersecurity posture to key security frameworks like NIST and CIS controls
  • What processes to consider to consistently address regulatory and industry compliance
Expert Presenters
Alan Wade

Former CIO and Director of Security at the CIA

Rob Simopoulos
Rob Simopoulos


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