Defendify Co-Founder Discusses State Sponsored Cyberattacks

Defendify Launches $1 million Cybersecurity Service Warranty

The U.S. has endured many foreign attacks launched by state sponsored threat actors, and criminal gangs from international countries. Defendify’s Rob Simopoulos provides five essential cybersecurity steps every business should take.

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As Goes the Leader, So Goes the Company 
One of the holy grails for business leaders is being recognized as running a company with an amazing culture. When team members become raging fans, it drives productivity, creativity, and an energy that is seemingly unstoppable. Employees not only become promoters of the brand but defenders of the enterprise.
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Launch Security Looks for Cybersecurity to Take Off 
Exciting news...we were recently interviewed and the subject of a cybersecurity business article by Paul Ragusa from Security Systems News. The article, titled "Launch Security looks for cybersecurity to take off," was published on Wednesday, May 31, 2017. Thanks, Paul!
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Spear Phishing: A New Take On An Old Classic 
We recently met with a local company here near Portland, ME who was suspicious their email had been exploited. The finance manager had received an email from the President requesting a wire transfer to be made in order to pay an invoice, totaling upwards of $20,000.

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