Stay Cyber Smart with Continuous Cybersecurity 

As we close out Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Defendify wants to empower organizations of all sizes to do their part by being cyber smart not just this month but all year long. Implementing stronger security practices, raising community awareness, educating vulnerable audiences, and training employees make our interconnected world safer and more resilient for everyone. 

Continuous Cybersecurity

Part of being cyber smart is knowing that cybersecurity is an ongoing program, not a project. Organizations can stay protected against evolving cyber-attacks by building a comprehensive cybersecurity program that is consistent, able to scale with growth, and spans across people, processes, and technology. So, how do you build out this ongoing comprehensive program? By taking a multi-layered approach that includes assessments and testing, policies and training, and detection and response.

Put Your Cybersecurity to the Test

To build a strong cybersecurity foundation, you first need to understand overall cybersecurity health. Assessments and testing can provide insight into your data, storage, systems, physical security controls, policies, and procedures. With a detailed report and recommendations for improvement, you can better understand your current cybersecurity program and what you need to improve it. 

Build Out the Playbook

Everyone has the potential – and responsibility – to protect the organization from cyber threats. Making cybersecurity training part of employee onboarding and equipping staff with the tools they need to keep the organization safe are the first steps to building a strong cybersecurity culture. Defined policies and training build awareness that keeps employees on their toes, embedding cybersecurity into the day-to-day. When cybersecurity isn't limited to the IT team, you can build a cyber smart culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge that supports your overall cybersecurity program. 

Take Action

Keep aware and ahead of cybersecurity threats by using progressive technology that will continuously monitor, detect, and respond to active cyber threats while not depleting your team's resources. Detection and Response is a powerful layer of protection that includes advanced tools such as BDR, threats alerts, and an incident response plan builder.

Have you taken on the challenge to improve your cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity Awareness Challenge

If you have taken on the Cyber Food for Thought Awareness Challenge, it's time to show what you've learned by retaking the cybersecurity assessment for a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards from Goldbelly, the online marketplace for regional and artisanal foods.

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