Continuous Monitoring: Cybersecurity 24/7, 365 

cybersecurity on internet image
cybersecurity on internet image

Defendify believes in empowering organizations to be cyber smart all year long. Continuous monitoring is foundational to comprehensive cybersecurity when enabled across multiple endpoints and systems to protect data, whether belonging to your organization, customers, partners, or suppliers.  

Comprehensive security of this nature requires building cybersecurity into your organization’s culture, implementing stronger data privacy policies, frameworks, and security practices, and leveraging innovative technology to make our interconnected world safer for everyone.

Continuous Monitoring: Cybersecurity as a Cultural Pillar

While building cybersecurity into an organization’s culture might seem daunting, the first step is understanding that cybersecurity is an ongoing posture, not a project. Organizations can stay protected against evolving cyberattacks by working toward a comprehensive cybersecurity program that is consistent, scales with growth and transcends people, processes, and technology.

So how does an organization initiate an ongoing comprehensive program? The answer is by taking a multi-layered approach that includes assessments and testing, policies and training and detection and response. Everyone has the potential – and responsibility – to protect the organization from cyber-threats. Making cybersecurity training part of employee onboarding and equipping staff with the tools they need to keep the organization safe are the first steps to building a strong  culture of cybersecurity.

Continuous Monitoring: Cybersecurity Policies and Frameworks

Defined policies build awareness that keeps employees on their toes, embedding cybersecurity know-how into the day-to-day. When cybersecurity isn’t limited to the IT team, you can build a cyber-smart culture of employee awareness and institutional knowledge that supports your overall cybersecurity program.

Looking for guidance? Research how a cybersecurity framework can work for you. For example, a privacy framework can help you manage risk and create a culture of privacy in your organization by building best practices into your organization’s foundation. Get started by checking out the following frameworks:

These types of frameworks exist for other elements of cybersecurity and are an excellent way to validate your efforts, not to mention show your customers and partners that you’re adhering to industry and regulatory standards.

Continuous Monitoring: Cybersecurity Tools and Technology

Enlisting the support of high-efficiency tools significantly strengthens your ability to continuously fortify your organization. To start, Vulnerability Scanning is an automated tool that discovers and scans assets for weaknesses, generating reports and recommendations for remediation.

Managed Detection and Response advances your defenses through active monitoring, detection, containment, and response, without depleting your team’s resources. Instead of building out an entire security operations center (SOC), you can leverage this technology to realize a proactive 24/7 cyber stance across endpoints, mobile devices, networks, email, and other cloud applications.

These days more than ever, your organization’s data and overarching security rely on continuous monitoring. Cybersecurity efforts spanning channels, systems, and departments are integral to safeguarding your company’s valuable information and assets.

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