About Defendify

Defendify is pioneering cybersecurity for organizations without security teams.

All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform

About our team

At Defendify, we work every day to bridge the gap between cyber, security, and business. We're a group of friendly, funny, energetic, security-minded cyber-superheroes who believe in making the world a better place, protecting one customer at a time.

About Our Team


Why build Defendify?

Cyber incidents and breaches are increasing rapidly, and the impact can be devastating. Until now, having comprehensive, ongoing cybersecurity has been complicated and expensive. We built Defendify to help growing organizations navigate the cybersecurity landscape with cybersecurity that is streamlined, affordable, and works across people, processes and technology around-the-clock.

Why Build Defendify?


A fresh perspective

We think it's time to shift the perspective. Cybersecurity isn’t a project; it’s a posture of continuous improvement. Cybersecurity isn’t a feature of your business; it’s a core function of your business. And technology isn’t the solution—it’s part of the solution.

A Fresh Perspective


Our core values

At Defendify, we are problem solvers. We're resourceful and believe in a model of continuous improvement. It's important we make it easy by keeping it simple and looking at things through the eyes of others. We don’t leave you hanging; it's not in our nature. Because we have entrepreneurial spirit, it always keeps us moving forward.

Our Core Values


From the back-office to backend development, security is in our DNA. We take a security-first approach that includes handling your data and our commitment to your privacy.

Our Core Values

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