The Perfect Storm For Cyber Insurance
Break through the storm of emerging cybersecurity insurance requirements, and learn simple approaches to help policy holders lower their coverage...
How to Spot a Phish: Tips to Spoil Advanced Phishing Attempts
Join Shanna Utgard, award-winning cybersecurity trainer and success manager at Defendify, who will walk you through current phishing trends, their...
Becoming Ransomware Resilient
Industry experts weigh in on why ransomware-related cyberattacks are increasing, who is responsible, what is being done to help organizations...

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Removing the Complexity of Sophisticated Cybersecurity - Slide 1 (1)
Remove the Complexity of Sophisticated Cybersecurity to Beat Sophisticated Threats
Former White House Director of Cybersecurity, Rob Knake, explains the current cyber threat landscape, and how organizations without security teams can gain the same comprehensive protection of larger enterprise cybersecurity solutions - but without the expense or complexity.
Mark Sunday Webinar
A Conversation with Mark Sunday: Common Cybersecurity Challenges of a CIO
Defendify’s Rob Simopoulos will sit down for a compelling conversation with Mark Sunday to discuss his experiences and explore the common cybersecurity challenges a CIO encounters.
Defendify CSW DFDY CSW website image
Million Dollar Peace of Mind from Defendify
Layered cybersecurity is the best way to prevent a cyber breach, but incidents can and do still happen. If a breach does occur, no need to fear: Defendify still has you covered with our Cybersecurity Service Warranty.
Protect Your Organization from Insider Threats_DFDY-June22 webinar website blog image
Protect Your Organization from Insider Threats
Most organizations know they need to protect themselves from external cyber threats, but what if a threat comes from the inside? Learn all about insider threats during this webinar.
Keep-Your-Passwords-Out-of-the-Dark-Web featured image
Cybersecurity Spring Cleaning: Keep Your Passwords Out of the Dark Web
As new beginnings come with the spring season, it's time to purge harmful password hygiene habits that can lead to your organization's credentials being caught up on the web.
Implementing an Employee Security Awareness Program
Implementing an Employee Security Awareness Program
Learn from a Security Information Officer how to train employees on ways to spot social engineering tactics that are used by cybercriminals.
Vulnerability Management_ Getting down to brass tacks
Vulnerability Management: Getting down to brass tacks
When it comes to data vulnerability management, there can be a lot of confusion. Get the "Who, What, When, How, and Why" of data security testing fundamentals.
Cyber Crystal Ball What Does 2022 Hold in Store
Cyber Crystal Ball: What 2022 Will Hold
You don't need a psychic to see what the future of cybersecurity holds. Join three cybersecurity experts for a highly interactive discussion about cybersecurity predictions and security challenges in 2022.
Ransomware Never Takes a Holiday landing page image
Ransomware Never Takes a Holiday
While you're feeling jolly, cyber-attackers are preying on the fact that people are distracted and out of the office. Here's how to stop ransomware from ruining your holidays.

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Vulnerability Management
Minimize weaknesses across your network by uncovering deeper, company-wide gaps in your organization’s software, hardware, and firmware.
Ransomware is on the rise; explore the types of ransomware, how attacks are conducted, how to prevent an incident and steps your organization can take to mitigate risks should an attack occur.
Phishing and Social Engineering
Explore how cybercriminals exploit human psychology to gain access to sensitive systems or data.
Insider Threats
Risks aren’t always posed from the outside. Unfortunately, staff, vendors, third-party software providers and other “insiders” can wittingly or unwittingly harm your organization.
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In conjunction with people and processes, leverage modules and systems to protect the hard work and sensitive data belonging to your organization, partners and customers.
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Learn why organizations can benefit from cyber insurance, as well as how to navigate the complex, evolving requirements necessary to obtain coverage.

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