Becoming Ransomware Resilient

What organizations without security teams need to know to improve cyber-defenses.

August 26, 2021

Organizations large and small are looking for ways to protect against the surge of new ransomware attacks that have been making headline news.

Hosted by Defendify, cybersecurity industry experts weigh in on why ransomware-related cyberattacks are increasing, who is responsible, what is being done to help organizations better understand this evolving threat, and recommendations to shore up cybersecurity protection.

Join panelists from the Global Cyber Alliance, Finaptic, and OODA as they share actual accounts of ransomware attacks, and steps they took to mitigate risks. Throughout the conversation, attendees will learn how organizations without security teams can better prepare for a ransomware attack, including where to find helpful resources and free tools to get started.


Cybersecurity Expert Panelists


Guillaume Ross




Megan Stifel

Global Policy Officer

Global Cyber Alliance


Bob Gourley

CTO & Co-Founder


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