How Managed Service Providers (MSPs) get started in cybersecurity

MSPs can protect their own organizational data while quickly meeting client requests for cybersecurity-related services.


The Cyber-Secure solution for both MSPs and their customers


Because our clients have such a wide range of infrastructure, capacities and threat models, we wanted a platform that could provide continuous assessment, awareness training, dark web and vulnerability scanning, policy creation, incident response planning and other elements that go into a mature cybersecurity program.

Joshua Peskay | RoundTable Technologies

Joshua Peskay

vCIO / Cybersecurity @ RoundTable Technologies

Adding value through cybersecurity

Adding value through cybersecurity

With more sophisticated cyber threats making headline news, organizations are looking to their Managed Service Provider to help them strengthen overall cybersecurity.

Defendify makes it easy for MSPs to offer customers an award-winning, comprehensive cybersecurity solution, without needing in-house cybersecurity experts on-staff or a stack of complex security technology to manage around the clock.


Defendify industry association partnerships include:

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