How to Keep Away from Cyber Nightmares

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Lunch N' Learn

October 21, 2021


The scariest aspects of October aren't found in haunted houses or horror movies. They are found lurking in the dark web and scheming up social engineering scams. By increasing cybersecurity awareness and implementing stronger security practices, organizations can help prevent the nightmare of a cyber-attack.

Shanna Utgard, award-winning cybersecurity advocate at Defendify, walks you through common cyber threats, their impact on organizations, and how to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity program so you can sleep at night.

In this webinar you hear the following spooky stories:

  • Scary password tales from the Dark Web
  • Bumps in the Night: Social engineering scams
  • The Pumpkin Patch: Protect yourself from ransomware

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