How Technology Integrators get started in cybersecurity

Having a holistic approach to cybersecurity enables systems contractors and integrators to prepare for more advanced cyber threats while supporting the ever-shifting security demands of their customers.


The cyber-secure solution for systems contractors, integrators, and their customers


Every employee plays a role in the security of our organization. As a service provider to our customers, we need to make sure we practice what we preach.

Jim DeStefano | Unlimited Technologies

Jim DeStefano

Sr. Vice President @ Unlimited Technologies

Integrator cybersecurity

Adding more value through cybersecurity

Stay ahead of client expectations

More than ever, customers are expecting their technology providers to show they not only can protect client data, like schematics or financial information, but also can secure the installed devices and equipment that might be vulnerable to today's more sophisticated cyber attacks.

Stay relevant and add recurring revenue

Defendify makes it easy for integrators to add more value by offering an award-winning, comprehensive cybersecurity solution, without needing in-house cybersecurity experts on-staff or a stack of complex security technology to manage around the clock.


Defendify industry association partnerships include:

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