Convergence of Contractors and Cybersecurity

July 14th, 2021

Associated General Contractors of Maine (AGC Maine) recently invited Defendify Co-Founder, Rob Simopoulos, to discuss the recent increase cybercriminal activity, what risks the construction industry should become aware of, and how to protect not only their data but sensitive customer data.

Building Maine Podcast | Episode 11

Hosted by AGC Maine CEO, Matthew Marks, the Building Maine Podcast features guests in the construction industry, government leaders, and interesting Mainers who make a difference.

AGC Maine is an affiliate of AGC of America, the leading association for the construction industry with over 27,000 member firms.

The growing cyber threat landscape

In this interview, Rob Simopoulos provides specific examples of cybercriminal methods to test and breach a company's network and how they extract and use compromised data.

Many organizations have not put the necessary budgets and resources in place to proactively protect against today's more sophisticated cyberattacks. As a result, a breach will not only require monetary expense to remediate but could cost a company several days or weeks in lost productivity. The ripple-effects of a cyber breach often impact the multi-organizational project timelines, supply chain workflows and puts the business at risk of losing new business.

It's now a business risk issue

With sensitive customer data such as building schematics or financial information is stored on contractor systems, networks, and devices, customers are starting to request that contractors show proof that they can secure their information. It might come in the form of a vendor risk assessment, or a clause in the contract that assigns liability should a cyber breach occur.

Preparing for the various cyberattack scenarios

Having a proactive approach to cybersecurity will help contractors prepare for more advanced cyber threats. Performing regular cybersecurity assessments, and having an updated incident response plan, will ensure visibility to overall cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses, and provide clear steps to take should a cyber incident occur. Regularly training employees what to do and utilizing automated tools to continuously search for security vulnerabilities and malicious activity will help keep the entire organization vigilant against cybercriminal activities.

Organizations that don't have cybersecurity professionals on staff can build a comprehensive cybersecurity program to protect them against evolving cyber threats. With Defendify's easy-to-manage all-in-one platform, organizations can assess and test their network for vulnerabilities, train employees to properly identify and respond to cyber threats, and implement a robust technology and data use policy.

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